What’s Changing in Corporate VC and Internal New Venture Creation?

By Scott Kirsner |  January 8, 2024

This one hour discussion, tied to a 2024 InnoLead research report on this topic, explores what has been changing in the realms of corporate venture capital and incubating new ventures — and how those activities can be linked. Featuring guests from KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Allegion, and TDK.

“Not every organization has the both” new ventures teams and corporate VC teams, said Andrew Matuszak of KPMG Ventures. “Some organizations have neither. But…organizations that have both have a leg up.”

“The core reason for the existence of TDK Ventures,” explained Managing Director Anil Achyuta, is “to explore areas that TDK has not explored before. That’s why we bet on humanoid robotics, battery upcycling, magnetic imaging — things that TDK doesn’t have a core competency in, or a product in…”

Being able to articulate a clear thesis to senior leadership about how investing and new venture activity fits the company’s current strategy, said Rob Martens of Allegion, is crucial, “so they don’t feel as though you’re doing science experiments, [but that you’re] doing things that are relevant, that are meaningful, that are going to generate value that [you] can point to.”

This event was recorded on LinkedIn on December 15, 2023. To watch the replay, click “play” above.

(Featured image by Andrew Dawes on Unsplash.)