What’s the Level of Innovation Urgency at Your Organization?

By Scott Kirsner |  June 28, 2022

How much urgency is there around innovation at your company? The answer to this question can influence how much resistance you’ll face as an internal change-maker, or the resources you can access.

In our experience, a low level of innovation urgency can make it difficult to build momentum around introducing new approaches to innovation — but too high a level can also create problems, when there’s a “five-alarm fire” mentality in the business and everyone expects results instantly.

Check the answers that best describe your organization below, and then get an assessment of where you are at. We’ve defined five levels of innovation urgency, from “extremely low” to “extremely high” (a/k/a “five-alarm fire”).

NOTE: This assessment was designed for employees of medium-to-large companies — not startups, consultancies, nonprofits, etcAll responses will be kept anonymous.

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