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Below are recent white papers, research reports, and articles from Innovation Leader's Strategic Partners. To add your case studies, white papers, and viewpoints, email us.

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Organizing for Simultaneous Innovation Capability

After collecting and studying innovation data from over 1,000 companies in 62 countries, I’m often asked whether Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME) are more innovative and entrepreneurial than larger corporations. In times when the market dynamics, technology development, and diffusion are faster than ever, it is a natural question. So let's dig into some key findings and see what we can learn.

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How Can You Spot Tomorrow’s Disruptions, Today?

As the word “transformation” connotes, success requires that organizations change in form or substance. Transformation goes well beyond doing what you are currently doing better, faster, or cheaper. Dual transformation requires simultaneously repositioning today’s business (Transformation A) while creating tomorrow’s (Transformation B). Scott D. Anthony, Clark G. Gilbert, and Mark W. Johnson of Innosight weigh in on how to spot and act on disruptions.

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How Do You Make Idea Challenges a Repeatable Program?

An idea challenge is a structured process to collect new ideas from large groups of people—employees, customers, partners, or other stakeholders. Done right, they create multiple radiating benefits. But Idea challenges are traditionally treated as one-time events. Sara Husk from Imaginatik discusses how to make your idea challenge a repeatable program.

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Removing Barriers for Idea Submission

While nearly every company wishes to improve their innovation funnel with the goal of developing something revolutionary, the reality is that most are not even ready for evolutionary innovation. Whether your organization is focused on internal R&D, BD&L, Strategic Sourcing or Marketing/Consumer insights to drive innovation, the output of your program is often as only as good as its inputs. So, how can you streamline the process for gathering ideas? Read our latest white paper to learn more.

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The Red Queen Effect and Innovation

Adapt or die. Under certain environmental conditions, some organisms must remain in a state of continuous adaptation or their entire species will face extinction. That’s eerily similar to the situation faced by organizations trying to stay profitable under the current global economic picture. Innovate or be disrupted.

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Gartner 2016 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Software

Sopheon is proud to be a representative vendor named by Gartner in the new Market Guide for Strategy Execution Software. Gartner research validates Sopheon claims that new approaches and agility are required for closing the strategy-execution gap in the digital age.

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The Buyer’s Guide to Innovation Management Software

Innovation management software has evolved beyond idea generation. With new tools and features, knowing what to expect out of your software can be challenging. Download the Buyer's Guide to learn the critical criteria to take your program to new heights.

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5 Ways to Spark Innovation at Your Organization

Leverage some of our favorite tactics that we’ve seen spark transformation and drive impact time and time again.

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The State of Crowdsourced Innovation

Finding specific insights into the approaches and programs of successful innovators can be difficult. We set out to change this with a comprehensive multi-industry study of the innovation landscape, in order to surface best practices for running sustainable innovation programs. Download this benchmark study to see what we uncovered.

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Lean Innovation Manifesto and Principles

PDF poster displaying guiding values and principles for organizations to thrive in a world full of rapid technological change and uncertainty.

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How to Structure Innovation for Success

Learn how your organization makes decisions to structure your project for success.

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Part 1: The Secrets to Corporate Growth in Today’s Global & Digital Marketplace

Andy Michuda, Sopheon CEO, examines the corporate transformation trend of shifting from R&D silos to enterprise innovation-centric organizational structures. This movement addresses the core challenges for company growth in the face of "new norm" economics and the corporate capabilities required in a digital age. He reviews the two key market influences stand out as driving forces behind the wild rate of change organizations are experiencing worldwide.

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Part 2: The Secrets to Corporate Growth in Today’s Global & Digital Marketplace

Andy Michuda, Sopheon CEO, discusses why the concept of the Annual Operating Procedure (AOP) is outdated. He dives into how strategic initiatives often fail to be realized — partially due to the nonoperational AOP process — and the steps organizations need to take to stay ahead of rapidly changing markets.

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Part 3: The Secrets to Corporate Growth in Today’s Global & Digital Marketplace

Sopheon CEO Andy Michuda wraps up this 3-part series, "While excellence in innovation management is commonly accepted as a necessity for corporate growth, the inadequacies of managing innovation without the proper tools are becoming clearer."

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Corporate Longevity: Turbulence Ahead for Large Organizations

We're entering a stretch of accelerating change in which lifespans of big companies are getting shorter than ever. Half of S&P 500 companies are expected to be replaced over the next 10 years, and a new survey points to organizational inertia and lack of long-term vision.

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The Interconnected Enterprise: Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap

Feel like your PPM software is falling short of meeting your strategy execution and business process needs? You’re not alone. According to Gartner research, classic PPM software is too hierarchical to truly support business agility and enterprise-wide strategic change. Gartner Analysts Donna Fitzgerald and Teresa Jones explore Enterprise PPM (EPPM) as an essential requirement for organizations undergoing transformation in their research report, “Market Guide for EPPM Software." Get complimentary access to this report, along with articles featuring trends, innovation by industry leaders, and commentary on the Market Guide findings.

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Knowing When to Reinvent

How can leaders know that it’s time to transform a company and make the case for change? Five interrelated “fault lines” can indicate that the ground beneath a company is unstable.

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The State of Global Innovation 2015

Hardly a day passes without another major business story about innovation or disruption. Many storied organizations now feel an Innovation Imperative to keep pace with the changes around them – and ideally to lead those changes as well. Imaginatik conducted the 2015 State of Global Innovation study from May through August 2015, with the goal of assessing how innovative today’s mid- and large-sized organizations have become. Now, we’re pleased to announce the release of full results from this research effort.

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A ‘Future Back’ Approach to Creating Long-Term Growth Strategy

How enterprises can anticipate a disrupted world of the future and execute a long-term growth strategy starting today.

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Structuring Innovation for Success

Learn how your organization makes decisions to structure your innovation processes for success.

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Disruption Ahead: Financial Services in Asia

While banks in Asia have solid balance sheets, they are by no means immune to disruptive threats. A host of non-bank players have entered the industry to make banking simpler, cheaper and more accessible. Through the lens of disruptive innovation theory as well as Innosight’s own framework for strategic transformation, our analysis shows where and how established players can grow by harnessing disruption and discovering new market opportunities across both emerging and developed markets in Asia.

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Why Real Mistakes Yield Bigger Innovations

Most innovation practitioners adhere to the “fail fast, fail often” mantra, with a bias toward quick experimentation and action. In contrast, most senior managers must follow a more rigid, risk-averse decision-making rubric. How an organization reconciles these two viewpoints determines whether innovations thrive or evaporate.

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Innovate Without Killing the Performance Engine

There's a fine line between innovation and operations - a balancing act performed in many corporate boardrooms today. In this
age of disruption, everyone knows they must innovate. But nobody wants to disrupt the money flow. The burning question is: how do
you innovate without killing the performance engine?

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Survey: The Strategy Confidence Gap

Innosight recently surveyed more than 800 executives across 20 industries to gauge how organizations assess their ability to anticipate and respond to disruptive change. Among the findings: A vast “strategy confidence gap" exists, especially at large corporations. Details inside.

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The 2013 State of Global Innovation Report

In May 2013, Imaginatik fielded an online survey of 204 business decision-makers to understand their approach to innovation strategy, governance, leadership, process and results. The findings revealed that corporate innovation as a structured discipline is still "in its infancy." While leadership has the drive and ambition to make innovation a sustained competency, the actual implementation of that vision is uneven.

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Innovation Spaces: A New Frontier in Innovation

The emergence of the Chief Innovation Officer role is an important development in the practice of innovation, reflecting an increasing corporate desire for innovation to be enterprise wide. But for this desire to become a reality, the CINO must also consider the different innovation spaces: the mind space, the physical space inside and outside the organization, and the virtual space. Details inside...

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Seven Common Myths of Innovation

Covers the "seven deadly myths" of innovation.

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