Data on Outcomes Senior Leaders Expect from R&D Groups

By Alexander MacDougall |  February 18, 2022

As part of our recent research report, “Retooling R&D for a New Era,” we asked leaders of R&D and innovation groups at large companies about the outcomes that senior executives expect from them. This report was underwritten by Wazoku

The data visualization below shows how respondents answered. Twelve different options were available for respondents, ranging from bringing new talent into the organization to getting new products and services deployed into market. Respondents could select multiple outcomes. 

How to use this visualization: Pull down the “Industry” menu at right to sort the data of respondents by the industry they work in. You can also click the “down arrow” at bottom right to download the data in various formats. 

According to our 78 survey respondents, senior leaders most commonly expect R&D groups to help develop new offerings, monitor for disruptive technology or science, and generate incremental revenue. In this survey, 79 percent of our respondents were at the Director level or above.

Responses in the Other category included: “Deliver productivity and continuity of supply” and “Becoming the industry standard when it comes to driving the innovation ecosystem [around our industry].”

(Featured image by ian dooley on Unsplash.)