Retooling Research & Development
for a New Era

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Amidst stressful and unpredictable business and societal conditions related to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, R&D organizations are feeling new pressures. They are trying to fill gaps on their team in a tight talent market; solve problems with essential company operations while also building for the future; bring on new vendors when existing ones are unable to deliver; and deliver more output with the same resources — or in some cases, less. While R&D teams may have figured out a hybrid work model, many still report feeling isolated from their customers or end users.

To shed light on these dynamics, and understand how Global 1000 companies can productively address them, we fielded a survey of R&D professionals in Q4 2021 and also conducted a series of qualitative interviews. We received 78 qualified survey responses; 79 percent of our survey respondents were at the director level or above in their organizations. Sixty-seven percent of respondents were based in North America, and just over one-quarter in Europe. We also conducted qualitative interviews with senior R&D execs at Campbell's Soup, W.L. Gore, Comcast, 3M, Kimberly-Clark, and a handful of other large companies.

This research project was produced by InnoLead and sponsored by Wazoku.


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Wazoku Perspective


2022: A Year for Positive Transformation and Impact

2022-01-20T20:08:00+00:00By Simon Hill, Wazoku

“As we look to bounce back from the tragedy and challenges of the past two-plus years,” writes Wazoku CEO Simon Hill, “the tools of innovation will be critical, and those who get it right will emerge stronger, more agile, and future fit.” More of Hill’s perspective inside…

Video Interview

Video: Kimberly-Clark’s Chief Scientist on Virtual Prototyping and R&D’s Future

2022-01-21T12:30:00+00:00By ,

What’s a virtual prototype, and why is Pete Dulcamara so excited about them?

Sample Data from the Report

Sample Data - Open Innovation

Sample Data - Budget

Table of Contents

Welcome Letter from Wazoku 3

Executive Summary 6

How Did the R&D Budget Change? 9

Comments: Why Did the Budget Change? 11

Executive Perspective: 3M 12

Most Important Outcomes 15

Executive Perspective: W.L. Gore 16

Science and Technology: Areas of Interest 18

Executive Perspective: Agent Capital 19

Open Innovation Moves Into the Mainstream 21

Comments: Open Innovation 22

Focus of Open Innovation Activities 24

Executive Perspective: Kellogg Company 25

New Tools and Methodologies 27

Executive Perspective: Kimberly-Clark 28

New Pressures and Expectations 30

Executive Perspective: Comcast Labs 31

Organizational Support (and Lack Thereof) 33

Comments: Organizational Support 34

Executive Perspective: Campbell Soup Company 36

Advice on Delivering Value 38

Executive Perspective: Hain Celestial Group 45

About the Respondents 47

About Wazoku 50

About InnoLead Research 51

Thanks to Wazoku for their support of this research!