Data on How Organizations Identify Important Emerging Technologies

By Alexander MacDougall |  February 1, 2022

As part of our recent research report, “Delivering Value Through Emerging Tech and Innovation,” we asked leaders of R&D and innovation groups at large companies about how their organization identifies emerging technologies that are important enough to be further explored. This report was underwritten by KPMG

How to use this visualization: Pull down the “Industry” and “Regions” menu at right to sort the data of respondents by the industry they work in and what region of the world they are located in. You can also click the “down arrow” at bottom right to download the data in various formats.

According to our more than 200 survey respondents, 73 percent of individuals responded that assigning internal individuals or teams and scouting for new tech was at least one of their preferred options, followed by insights from business units and functions along and conversations with startups. Respondents were given the option of selecting multiple answers to this survey question as well as rank them by importance.