The sad truth about AI? It’s sickeningly easy to throw away millions of dollars on data infrastructure without seeing any impact on your business. Without some careful design, adding a small team of new nerds to your business will only create more problems than it solves. Join us on October 10 at 2:00pm-3:00pm ET for a webcast about how to tackle these pain points.


In this Master Class, IDEO’s Joe Brown and Mike Stringer will answer the most critical questions for designing your capability to develop AI-powered products or services:

  • What is AI?
  • What kind of teams are right for you?
  • Where should data science live in your organization?
  • And, how can data scientists play nicely with your existing teams?

Over the past decade IDEO has not only built its own data science practice, but also helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies build and launch their own AI-powered projects, teams, and transformations.


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