In today’s current business climate, it’s imperative to find creative ways to keep innovating and execute on what you can deliver during these times of worldwide disruption. This brings a new focus on how to get teams working productively in a remote environment and which activities to focus on to create value.

This is not the time to slow down or rest; quite the contrary. Without a constant flow of innovation, no company can expect to prosper — or even perhaps survive. While many companies design great transformation strategies, how good is their delivery?  Is it time to replace the project management office (PMO) with an integrated innovation power train that drives real change across the business?


Join us on April 16th at 1:00pm ET for a Master Class that shares a new model for innovation and execution. This webcast will be hosted by Tad Haas and Ivan Lloyd of edison365, a software company that leverages Microsoft Office 365 to deliver the freedom to crowdsource ideas from employees and the method to implement them. 

If companies embrace both innovation and project together, the impact on their business will quickly and significantly improve. Haas and Lloyd will propose a revised model which requires the integration of innovation offices and project management offices into a single entity: replacing the PMO with the Innovation and Portfolio Management Office or IPMO. This master class will go over a framework that transforms your PMO into a hub for innovation.

This session will explore the following:

  • How to increase and accelerate innovation during difficult times
  • How to help your team increase productivity while working remotely
  • How to identify what activities to focus on right now to create value
  • How to better govern benefits management, from business case to realization
  • How you can benefit from governance, oversight and end-to-end management information

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