June 28th: Enterprise Cybersecurity Best Practices


Each installment of this monthly series, sponsored by Dell Technologies Capital, features a select group of startups explaining how their solutions match corporate priorities as well as a facilitated discussion of technology trends. Our archived session replays and startup pitches are below.

June 28 @ 12pm ET: Cybersecurity (Endor Labs, OpsMx, Sentra)

As enterprise operations and offerings become increasingly data-centric, enterprise data becomes increasingly valuable to both the owner and the attacker. Ensuring data security in a world of rapidly expanding threats — and staying ahead of both enterprise needs and attacker capabilities — must therefore be top priorities. Join our session to discuss enterprise cybersecurity best practices with leaders from three rapidly scaling cybersecurity startups.

Endor Labs helps companies prioritize and remove risk across open source software, continuous software development pipelines, and trade secrets.

With OpsMx, organizations increase application security and accelerate application releases while gaining global visibility to their security posture and keeping developers productive.

Sentra discovers and classifies sensitive data across a broad range of cloud service providers as well as SaaS applications giving customers the visibility they need to secure this ephemeral data.

Session Archive

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