How Big Companies are Using Indiegogo Enterprise

By Kaitlin Milliken |  August 27, 2018

How can companies find out what customers actually want? Indiegogo Enterprise allows brands to test products with consumers and get quick feedback. In this video, Gwen Nguyen, Vice President of Indiegogo Enterprise, talks about how companies can harvest the power of crowdsourcing.


According to Nguyen, companies can use Indiegogo Enterprise’s platform to adjust their products, change prices, and co-create with users. She says if the product fails to resonate with customers, the company can kill the project — failing fast and early. “Our objective is to provide actionable insights that give you the confidence to make a decision about your product: go or no go,” she says.


Nguyen also shared her advice for innovators who are looking to launch new products: “Put your idea to the test early,” she says. “Be okay with imperfection [early on].”


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