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Innovation programs have a very short lifespan if they don’t develop a metrics regime that indicates they are making progress — but also isn’t so onerous that too much of the team’s time is spent collecting data and compiling it into reports or presenting it on dashboards.

We put metrics into two categories: activity metrics, which show things like how many training sessions you’ve conducted or startups you’ve met with, and impact metrics, which show tangible outcomes.

A good starting place in this section is our research report, "Untangling Innovation Metrics: What every innovation leader needs to know."


Designing an Innovation Culture that Scales Globally

Imran Sayeed, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, discusses the 3D Model of Innovation that he finds is most effective for innovation programs.


Mehmood Khan on Remaking R&D at PepsiCo & Sustainability

PepsiCo Vice Chairman Mehmood Khan talks about the links between sustainability and innovation; bringing in new skill sets into R&D; the challenge of measuring progress; and more.


Columbia’s Rita McGrath: Is Innovation on the Agenda?

How often is innovation the highest-priority issue at your company? Rita McGrath, a professor at Columbia Business School, says it ought to happen at every meeting...


How ESPN is Using Data to Call the Plays

George Leimer, VP of Fantasy Sports and Premium Products at ESPN, discusses how the sports network is working to build a data and metrics-oriented culture.


At Intuit and Amazon, Addressing the Customer’s ‘Job to Be Done’

Authors of Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice share an excerpt on how Intuit and Amazon determine whether they’re on the right track.


Early Data: Budgets, CEO Support, Metrics & Risk Tolerance

In February, we posted an assessment of the maturity of corporate innovation programs — and how they are being accepted by the culture. Get early results here…

More in Innovation Metrics

Research Report

COVER - Metrics

Untangling Innovation Metrics

Measuring innovation has come up in every interview, conversation, and Field Study. This report captures what we’ve learned so far — both what executives are tracking today, and what they’re still working to capture.

Audio & Video Resources

096_35342_Haskell (1)

Partnerships at Bayer’s Innovation Center

Dr. Chris Haskell discusses how Bayer partners with startups, academic institutions, and other corporates at the company’s Innovation center.


Does Measurement Kill Innovation?

Watch this Master Class to find out the difference between “activity metrics” and “impact metrics,” where to start, and how to evolve your measurement regimen over time. 


Innovation by the Numbers

In our latest Master Class, “Innovation by the Numbers,” we explored the metrics and analytics behind innovation efforts with Innovation 360’s CEO Magnus Penker.

CEO Insights Videos

CEOs on Disruption, Culture & Executive Support

How should you be thinking about the impact of disruption in your industry? CEOs of Bose, TripAdvisor, and Eastern Bank weigh in...


Best Practices in Innovation Governance

Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner presents high-level findings from our Q2 report, joined by executives from the healthcare, insurance, and media industries.

Thomson Reuters Ribbon Cutting

Why Thomson Reuters Rotates Talent Between Labs

Mona Vernon, Chief Technology Officer of Thomson Reuters Labs, explains why the company began rotating employees between its innovation labs. Find out more in this video…


Getting Valuable Insights Faster by Automating Data Flows

What are data flows? The data collected and processing to run and optimize your business. Jim Knapik of Northeastern University explains how to use them to deliver insights. 

Nondini Naqui

Nondini Naqui on Using Metrics to Define Success

Different stages of innovation ventures should focus on different types of metrics. Learn about which metrics you should be using and when from Nondini Naqui.

Nondini Naqui and Scott Kirsner

Innovation Challenges & Choices with Nondini Naqui

Nondini Naqui, an intrapreneur and innovation leader who has worked in insurance and banking, discusses the challenges innovators face and how to overcome obstacles.


New Tools & Resources for Innovation Leaders

Recording of our May 2017 webcast, featuring Scott Kirsner and Aaron Proietti explaining how to use six of our new downloadable resources, and answering questions.


General Mills VP on Getting to the First Dollar, Failure, Key Metrics

Jim Kirkwood, Chief Science and Technology Development Officer at General Mills, explains how the company “gets to the first dollar fast” with pilot tests.


How Appliance-Maker Jarden is Testing New Business Models

Asoka Veeravagu of Jarden Consumer Solutions, discusses exploring new subscription business models and co-creation. The company owns Mr. Coffee, Aerobed, and Sunbeam.