Orbit Generative AI Tools

March 25, 2024

Orbit is a platform being developed by the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship to support new venture development, and they’re interested in giving early access to corporate leaders from the InnoLead community, to test it out and provide feedback. You will be among the first pilot testers outside of MIT. Please follow the steps below, and once you’ve experimented with these two tools, provide feedback or share your ideas for improvement!

1. Orbit Registration

As an InnoLead member, you can register for Orbit here.

This resource is currently available only to InnoLead members. If you are already a member, please sign in.

Once registered, you can login here.

Then you can set up your profile: bio, photo, etc.

2. Disciplined Entrepreneurship: Gen AI Tools

Here are the new AI-assisted tools for entrepreneurs. (You can also click the green button at the left beneath your profile, Disciplined Entrepreneurship.)

Enter your startup idea at the top of the page, and hit enter.

Then, click on the idea, and this will take you to the 24 Steps (based on Bill Aulet’s book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship.)

Start with Step 1, Market Segmentation.

MIT’s AI Assistant is at the bottom of the page.

It will fill out the Market Segmentation for your idea.

Then you can copy, save, and edit the results below. Click the “Ideas” link at the top to return to the main 24 Steps page.

2. Startup Tactics: Gen AI Tools

Startup Tactics operates the same, guiding you through 15 steps. (You can also click the green button at left under your profile, Startup Tactics.) It is based on an upcoming book by Paul Cheek of MIT, Disciplined Entrepreneurship Startup Tactics.)

3. Below are two PowerPoint decks about these tools. Here is a video overview (MP4 format, on Dropbox.)

4. Your Feedback?

MIT is just beginning to introduce these into their classes/programs. They are glad to have friendly, knowledgeable testers, and feedback. Please send positive feedback, wish lists, ideas, or questions to help them enhance these offerings: (You can also ping Orbit Product Lead Doug Williams at that address with any issues you encounter.)