Execs Discuss Elevating the Human Experience in Boston

May 22, 2019

In early May, we brought together 15 innovation, technology, and R&D leaders from large organizations in Boston. The gathering was hosted at LogMeIn, the provider of cloud-based connectivity and collaboration products.

Our roundtables are off-the-record, primarily because they’re designed to enable a group of peers to openly discuss issues they’re grappling with — in this case, related to “Elevating the Human Experience.” Our co-host for the event, Deloitte, contends that “organizations that go beyond delivering on customer experience to elevating the human experience will be better positioned to create more meaningful connections, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive growth.”

Throughout the discussion, one topic of interest was responsible data stewardship: how can companies effectively gather data to create new offerings for customers, while still being respectful of the individual’s right to privacy?

If you’re a corporate innovation, strategy, or R&D leader and you’d like to join an upcoming roundtable, you can request an invite here.