What Just Happened to Corporate Innovation?

By Scott Kirsner |  December 22, 2023

In this video, Rachel Gordon of the consultancy Triple Agent joins Alex Slawsby and Scott Kirsner of InnoLead to wrap up 2023 — and talk about how AI will change the job of corporate innovators in 2024. They discuss:

  • What happened to corporate innovators and teams at the end of 2023?
  • What can you do about these pressures if you’re in an innovation role?
  • As we look ahead to 2024, what’s the top priority for anyone in a big organization with innovation, future strategy, or growth as their responsibility?

Gordon said, “What should people be focused on [in 2024]? Starting to identify the use cases [for AI] in your business, and the priority areas where you can do experimentation. …If I look in my crystal ball, this is going to mean more reorganizing, not less. There are going to be new systems for leadership and governance around AI. I think it’s going to throw into question the way that companies are really structured, because who’s going to be accountable? …In summary, what I’m saying is really that organizations and innovators need to focus on the upskilling, and figuring out where are the most exciting and commercially impactful areas in your business to apply AI.”

“Gen AI is so important — dig in there — but continue to focus on relevance,” said Slawsby. “How do we prove that we are worth it, that you should keep investing in us, senior executives. I think that should be top of mind for innovation leaders and teams going into the new year.”

(Featured image by Risto Kokkonen on Unsplash)