Mastering Virtual Presence and Communication

September 3, 2020

Presentations in an online setting require a different set of skills than those in the physical world. In this workshop, former ballet dancer Rachel Cossar shares tips to help leaders maximize their impact in a virtual setting.


Cossar is the founder of Choreography for Business, a consultancy that focuses on building better presentation skills. Cossar is also author of the book “When You Can’t Meet in Person.”


Cossar starts the presentation by discussing the importance of presence and being able to authentically connect with others at virtual gatherings. She then guides participants through a physical anchoring exercise, where viewers are encouraged to take a momentary break from staring at their screen. This brief pause, Cossar says, allows people to be more present. 


After, Cossar walks participants through three elements that set the stage for successful virtual presentations: lighting, framing, and picking the right background. 


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