What we call “digital transformation” or “innovation” is impossible without support. Committed leadership knocks over the first domino—starting the process that transforms the entire organization. What we call “vision” is actually a commitment to the unseen.

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Learn how to get executives on board with your innovation program in our webinar on August 26, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET. New York Times bestselling author (The Lean Entrepreneur) and CEO of Moves The Needle Brant Cooper shows you how to create excitement and build strategic consensus. Drawing upon his work with thousands of startups and entrepreneurs at Moves The Needle, Cooper gives you practical tools for aligning change with strategic goals, why it matters in the here-and-now, and how committed leaders should focus on lasting impact, rather than an immediate return-on-investment. His approach is based on a methodology he calls the Three E’s of Lean Innovation: 

  • Empathy—Understanding customers deeply
  • Experiments—Running experiments to test our riskiest assumptions
  • Evidence—Allowing data + insights to inform decision-making.

No matter where you reside within the enterprise, you will learn how the three E’s will give you the proof you need to educate leadership. Brant will also be part of our Impact 2019 gathering in San Francisco. 

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