Breakthrough innovation needs people with different minds to deliver different outcomes. Cognitive diversity helps innovators to see things differently and think differently.

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In this live, one-hour Master Class on September 28th at 1 PM ET, learn how to collaborate with creators: outliers, misfits, rebels, and the crazy ones to understand the future, forecast success, and develop breakthrough strategies.

This webcast will provide you with five actionable principles you can start using today, to help you see things differently, think differently and develop breakthrough innovation.

Master Class hosts Jeremy Brown and Alex Rückheim from Sense Worldwide will share the stories that demonstrate the secrets of how leading global brands use cognitive diversity to supercharge their innovation:

  • How a museum director, restauranteur, and games designer helped Nike shape the future of Niketown.
  • How leading-edge millennials helped PepsiCo create LifeWTR and generate $150m within 12 months.
  • How an OCD homeowner helped SC Johnson to disrupt the cleaning category and create a toilet brush with better reviews than an iPhone X. 

Master Class presenters:

Jeremy Brown is Founder and CEO of Sense Worldwide. Since founding Sense Worldwide in 1999, Jeremy has worked with many of the world’s most innovative companies including Nike, IDEO, Sonos, Barclays, The National Theatre to help them to be more innovative.

Alex Rückheim is Head of Innovation at Sense Worldwide. A behavioral strategist, innovator, and entrepreneur. He has delivered breakthrough innovation projects for Adidas, MAC Cosmetics, PepsiCo, Depop, Blue Diamond Almonds and Samsung. 

(Featured photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.)