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George White, Chief Innovation Officer at Cantina

Many organizations feel an intense pressure to innovate as a response to potential disruption, evolving customer needs, and industry trends. These same organizations find that there are significant headwinds to realizing the value of innovation and transformation efforts. Join us on February 25 at 2:00pm-3:00pm ET for a webcast about how to tackle these pain points.


David Crean, VP of Innovation at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

This Master Class is hosted by George White, Chief Innovation Officer at Cantina, a strategic design and development agency. David Crean,  VP of Innovation at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, also shares insights.

Viewers will learn about methods for recognizing the boundaries to innovation practices, and how to work around them. Get advice on how to make the change you need to move your organization into a position to thrive in the market.






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