Go for Launch: Interviewed, 3XR & Plannuh

October 2, 2020

Presenting Startups 

  • Interviewed (03:33) — Interviewers and organizations struggle with interviewing candidates due to competing priorities, unconscious bias, and lack of coaching on how to interview effectively. This leads to bad hiring (and employee turnover), lack of diversity, and a poor candidate experience. Interviewed captures interviews and applies AI to coach interviewers and surface problematic trends to increase selection team effectiveness and equitability.
  • 3XR (11:59) — 3XR allows customers to better visualize products before purchasing online using Augmented Reality. 3XR has built a platform for brands to easily add 3D to their digital marketing strategy. Users can scan a barcode featured on an ecommerce site and see an AR version of the product in their home. 
  • Plannuh (22:24) — Plannuh automates marketing planning, budgeting, and campaign management. By replacing disconnected spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks with an integrated system powered by AI automation, Plannuh help marketing teams improve their performance, prove their value and spend more effectively. 

This episode of Go for Launch is sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank. A subsidiary of SVB Financial Group, Silicon Valley Bank has helped fund more than 30,000 start-ups.  From technology to healthcare, from San Jose to Shanghai, their clients define the future. Their team strives to help innovators, enterprises, and investors move bold ideas forward, fast.