Go for Launch: Structural, Sotero & Sophya

November 23, 2020

Presenting Startups

  • Structural (3:18): A dynamic people directory and internal opportunity marketplace that unlocks potential, saves time, and makes work better. Structural helps making connections easier no matter where your teammates are located geographically. 
  • Sotero (12:50): Search, share, and monetize data without ever decrypting, falling out of compliance, or exposing private information. Because data unused is innovation denied.
  • Sophya (19:45): Sophya is an online office where employees can interact through their avatars. This product solves the main problems that remote work has surfaced for virtually all companies: the human problems (social isolation, loneliness), the team problems (disconnected teams, fraying relationships), and the business intelligence problems (slowdown of information flow, lack of serendipity/creativity).