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Innovation groups often get created by fiat, before they’ve developed a strategy. And many companies have existing R&D or product development organizations that would benefit from fresh thinking about their mission.

Whether you’re laying out strategy for the first time, or as part of an update process, our coverage allows you to learn from veterans of innovation and R&D roles. A good resource to start with is our Benchmarking Report, published in collaboration with KPMG, which includes data on the structure, focus, budgets, and size of innovation teams at large companies, as well as advice from executives in senior innovation and strategy roles.

Paul Campbell

‘Culture Matching’ with the Right Startups

“Corporate innovation…teams spend little time assessing culture’s role in…[working] with startups,” writes W.L. Gore’s Paul Campbell. Get advice on how to avoid that fate…


How Construction Giant Bechtel is Building the Future

David J. Wilson of Bechtel says, “It’s becoming…a necessity to find ways to improve construction productivity…” Wilson explains what Bechtel is doing, including its “Future Fund.”

Arjun Chowdri and Tenniel Chu

The PGA’s First Chief Innovation Officer on His 2019 Agenda

The PGA of America represents 29,000 golf professionals and runs top golf championships. The PGA’s Chief Innovation Officer discusses his plans for catalyzing innovation.

Coca Cola 3

How Coca-Cola Created the Soda Fountain of the Future

The inside story how how a skunkworks team of Coca-Cola engineers created the Freestyle soda fountain back in 2007 — and what they’re working on and imporving for the second iteration.


What Powers the Business Models of Apple, IKEA, and Uber?

In this book excerpt, Langdon Morris lays out a framework and questions that can be helpful in designing new business models or improving existing ones.

Mark Nitkey

Citi Ventures Leader: Not All Transformations are Digital

As software continues to “eat the world,” there’s a tendency to assume that all transformations are digital. But that is not entirely true. Beth Devin of Citi Ventures explains.

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COVER - Benchmaring 2018

Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018

Innovation Leader and KPMG have collaborated to create the go-to resource on corporate innovation, based on detailed survey data and interviews with senior executives…

Audio & Video Resources

Dan Roam

Closing the Innovation Blindspot with a Visual Story

Using just a pen and paper, Dan Roam shows you how to tell your innovation story under 10 minutes — even if you can’t draw to save your life. 

For Abacus

Inside the Mind of Bob Metcalfe

Bob Metcalfe shares his experiences as a founder at 3Com, the company culture that allowed him to invent Ethernet, and why big companies should work with startups.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 7

Inside Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture

We ask, “What makes FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google ) more innovative than other companies?” We ask Faisal Masud of Wing Aviation to find out. 

The Innovation Universe

Building the Right Foundation for Innovation

Nancy Tennant, a professor the University of Notre Dame and the former Chief Innovation Officer at Whirlpool, explores how to build the right foundation for innovation at your company. 

Master Class

Balancing Sustaining and Strategic Innovation

In our most recent Master Class, Larry Schmitt and Steve Schwartz from The Inovo Group discussed how to balance sustaining and strategic innovation. 

Podcast Season 2 Episode 5

Innovators vs. the Rulebook. Who Wins?

How do you get innovation wins in a highly regulated industry? Mohan Nair of Cambia Health, Steve Faktor of the McFuture Podcast, and Ludwig Melik of Planbox share…

Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

Can the Retail Industry Stay Relevant?

Can the retail industry stay relevant with today’s consumers? We went to New York City for NRF’s Big Show to find out. Guests work at Footlocker and Retail Minded. 

Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Inside the Mind of Clay Christensen

How do Clay Christensen’s ideas apply in 2019? Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner discusses his coverage of Christensen. Clips from interviews with Christensen are played throughout.

Alexander Osterwalder

Overcoming the Challenges of Business Model Innovation

Alex Osterwalder, inventor of the Business Model Canvas, shares how testing new business models can help companies prepare for the future.

Podcast Bonus State of Innovation 2019

The State of Innovation 2019

What are corporate innovators thinking about in 2019? We sat down with Professor Gary Pisano of Harvard Business School and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner to find out.

Master Class

How Innovators and Risk Managers Can Work Better Together

In this Master Class, Mastercard’s Bob Reany and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner shared best practices for working productively with security, legal, and compliance teams.

Allegion Live Call

Finding the Right Mix of Internal and External Innovation

Rob Martens of security company, Allegion, discussed how his team uses venture capital to balance internal and external innovation. Elliot Parker of venture firm High Alpha also shared his experience.

Steve Blank Video

Steve Blank on Building Innovation Teams

Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur, Steve Blank shares how companies can set up a system that fosters innovation and effectively creates change.