Innovation, Agility, and Openness


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For some, the period between March 2020 and March 2021 may have been a time in which innovation accelerated. But for other companies, there have been challenges with the supply chain; increased competition with newer entrants like Airbnb and Robinhood; and a shifting emphasis on more immediate incremental improvements, versus longer-range projects.

Spending a year or more in “fast twitch” responsive mode, versus planning for future growth, may have created an innovation deficit for these companies.

This set of two mini-reports is a continuation of our CxOs & Innovation series from 2020. This first mini-report includes data from a survey fielded in March and April 2021, which received 244 qualified responses. We also conducted qualitative interviews with innovation, product development, R&D, and technology leaders at organizations like Intel, Wayfair, Comcast NBCUniversal, Shell, and HCA Healthcare. The objective: to be helpful to C-suite leaders and professionals responsible for driving innovation in large organizations as we enter a new era.

This research project was produced by Innovation Leader and sponsored by KPMG LLP.


Full Interviews


How Intel Gets New Tech Ready for the Olympics


How do you teleport two years into the future, and determine what will still seem cutting edge? That was the mandate given to the Olympic Technology Group at Intel…

A look inside Gore's Santa Clara Innovation Center. (Photo by Cayce Clifford for Innovation Leader.)

How W.L. Gore Stays Agile by Celebrating Failure


In a recent interview with Innovation Leader, Linda Elkins, Head of W.L. Gore’s Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, shares insights on how she prioritizes innovation opportunities.


Inside the Data-Driven Strategy that Keeps Wayfair Agile


Fiona Tan, Wayfair’s Global Head of Customer and Supplier Technology, shared insights on balancing organic innovation with M&A, using data to stay agile, and more.

KPMG Perspectives

  • The Innovation Equation: Balancing Inside-Out and Outside-In

  • Democratizing Data: How Organizations Can Eliminate Silos

Sample Data from the Report


Q42019SampleData KPMG2021Data-boats

Table of Contents

About this Project 4

Executive Summary 5

The Continuing Impact of COVID-19 on Innovation 6

Defining Terms 9

Comments: The Continuing Impact of COVID-19 7

 Innovator Perspective: Edgewell Personal Care 10

Innovator Perspective: Capital One 11

How Agile is Your Organization? 12

Comments: What Fosters Agility 13

Comments: What Blocks Agility 15

Innovator Perspective: W.L. Gore 18

Innovator Perspective: Intel 19

Openness to Outside Ideas and Trends 20

KPMG Insight: The Innovation Equation 21

Investment in Internal vs. External Innovation 23

Comments: How We Decide on Internal vs. External Innovation 24

Innovator Perspective: Wayfair 27

Innovator Perspective: Comcast NBCUniversal 28

Innovation Focus: Today vs. ‘In an Ideal World’ 29

Key Questions: Emerging from the Pandemic Era 30

Key Questions: Where Should Innovation Come From? 31

Key Questions: Organizational Agility 32

KPMG Insight: Democratizing Data 33

Innovator Perspective: HCA Healthcare 35

Innovator Perspective: Shell 36

About the Respondents 37

About KPMG 39

About Innovation Leader 40