Remaking R&D

  • How Customer-Centric Innovation can Lead to Big Wins

  • How Coca-Cola Created the Soda Fountain of the Future

  • How Piaggio Fast Forward Brings Engineering Cultures Together

  • How Corning Focuses R&D Efforts and Sources Ideas

  • P&G’s Top R&D Exec on Startup Disruption and Lean Innovation

Established research and development organizations are under growing pressure — and not only to reduce costs or increase productivity.

They’re expected to become more “permeable” to the outside world, they’re expected to monitor and understand potentially disruptive technologies on a daily basis, and they need to attract talent and explore working with colleagues around the organization in new ways.

A good starting place in this section is our research report, “Scouting Trends & Emerging Tech,” which includes survey data and case studies of Nokia, Kellog Co., BASF, Sherwin-Williams, Siemens, GM, Goodyear, and more.

Embraer VTOL

How the Aerospace Firm Embraer is Pursuing Disruptive Innovation

David Rottblatt of EmbraerX, a disruptive innovation team at Embraer, explains how the team is set up and some initial projects, including a collaboration with Uber. 

Leslie Shannon, Nokia's Head of Ecosystem and Trends Scouting.

Nokia Blends Sci-Fi and Reality to Envision the Future

Leslie Shannon, Head of Ecosystem and Trends Scouting at Nokia, explains how science fiction can be an important bellwether of what technologies will take off.


Kellogg’s Nigel Hughes on How R&D is Changing

Nigel Hughes, Head of R&D at the cereal giant Kellogg Co., talks about distinguishing between fads and “seismic shifts,” and how the R&D organization is changing.

David Crean at the Anthem Innovation Studio. (Photo by Tim Redman for Innovation Leader.)

How Anthem Thinks About Innovation Structures & Timeframes

Two slides lay out how David Crean of Anthem's Innovation Studio views the different innovation options that a company might pursue...

Jeffrey Leiden_Vertex

Vertex CEO on Innovation: The Challenge is Avoiding Complacency

Vertex’s CEO talks about the importance of investing in R&D — and the three pitfalls for companies that have attained success in the marketplace, including complacency.


‘When You’re Trying to Achieve Big Things, You Will Sometimes Fail’

In this interview, Google leaders Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg discuss the role of failure when working on groundbreaking projects. 

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