Remaking R&D

  • How Hain Celestial Keeps Innovation On Track

  • An Ambidextrous Approach to Innovation Has Never Been More Important

  • Getting Scientists Thinking More Like Businesspeople

  • Racing the Calendar: Inside New Balance’s Test Run Project

  • How Customer-Centric Innovation can Lead to Big Wins

Established research and development organizations are under growing pressure — and not only to reduce costs or increase productivity.

They’re expected to become more “permeable” to the outside world, they’re expected to monitor and understand potentially disruptive technologies on a daily basis, and they need to attract talent and explore working with colleagues around the organization in new ways.

A good starting place in this section is our research report, “Scouting Trends & Emerging Tech,” which includes survey data and case studies of Nokia, Kellog Co., BASF, Sherwin-Williams, Siemens, GM, Goodyear, and more.