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  • Discover, Access & Manage Ecosystem Relationships in a Low/No Touch World

  • Highlights from June on Anticipating “The New Normal”

  • CVS Health Exec on Rising to the Digital Demands of COVID-19

  • Moving Museums and Universities into the Digital Realm

  • How MassMutual Is Reimagining Financial Education

Our coverage of digital innovation doesn’t attempt to track each new technology trend or buzzword, but rather we explore the way large companies are organizing differently to identify trends and build digital products and services that meet real market needs. The big challenge that many organizations will face when doing digital innovation outside of the IT organization is engaging that organization’s help when it is time to scale up and support roll-outs.

We surveyed large companies about the challenges they face in creating connected products and services, as well as the success factors and metrics they are using. The results appear in our research report “Getting Connected Products Right.”

Research Report

Connected Products

Getting Connected Products Right

We surveyed companies active in, interested in, or developing connected products. Here’s the downloadable PDF report summarizing what we found.

Audio & Video Resources


Discover, Access & Manage Ecosystem Relationships in a Low/No Touch World

How do you build ecosystems when travel and serendipity are limited for the foreseeable future? Watch this webcast to learn how to form partnerships during lockdown.

OQT_Firdaus Bhathena

CVS Health Exec on Rising to the Digital Demands of COVID-19

Firdaus Bhathena, Chief Digital Officer of CVS Health, shares how his team has pivoted to meet consumer needs — like exploding demand for deliveries — during the coronavirus pandemic.


Enabling Innovation During a Crisis at MassGeneral Brigham

In this episode of One Quick Thing, Chris Coburn discusses working to improve healthcare during a pandemic and the role of digital innovation in this crisis.


How AARP Keeps the 50+ Market at the Center of Innovation

How does AARP use innovation to empower people as they age? Vice President of Product and Startup Engagement Rick Robinson explains…

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.57.08 PM

Building a Strategy for the Low Touch Economy

The era after COVID-19 will have an economy shaped by new habits and regulations. Find out how behaviors will shift and what new opportunities are emerging.


Navigating Shifts in Reader Behavior at Dow Jones

When looking for updates on the impacts of coronavirus, many have turned to news publications for information. Edward Roussel of Dow Jones discusses the changes.


How the Red Cross is Adapting to New Demands — and Getting More Digital

At Innovation Leader’s recent nonprofit forum, two innovation leaders from The Red Cross in the US and UK address how they are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Video Replay: San Diego Zoo Global CMO Ted Molter

Ted Molter, Chief Marketing Officer of San Diego Zoo Global, discusses social media, online educational resources, sponsorship shifts, and more in an al fresco Zoom chat with Innovation Leader. 


Creating Culture at Wayfair

How can digitally-native companies maintain their innovative culture as they grow? To find out, we visited Wayfair’s co-founder Steve Conine at the company’s Boston office.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 5.05.59 PM

How to Build an AI-Ready Organization

The truth about AI? It’s easy to throw away millions on infrastructure without seeing any impact. IDEO’s Joe Brown and Mike Stringer describe a different approach…


All Your Innovation Questions, Answered

We answer questions on corporate innovation submtted by listeners. Get advice on H3 innovation, going from good to great, and spreading innovation company-wide. 


High-Tech on the High Seas

Once you’ve identified some promising technologies, how do you test and deploy them in the real world? To find out, we went to Miami to visit Royal Caribbean.


Inside the Mind of Bob Metcalfe

What’s the difference between innovation & invention? Bob Metcalfe shares. He also discusses founding 3Com and the company culture that allowed him to invent Ethernet…