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  • How Royal Caribbean is Deploying New Technologies

  • Five Truths about Amazon

  • How Brands Adapt to Disruption in Retail

  • Six Tips From Google on Implementing AI

  • The PGA’s First Chief Innovation Officer on His 2019 Agenda

Our coverage of digital innovation doesn’t attempt to track each new technology trend or buzzword, but rather we explore the way large companies are organizing differently to identify trends and build digital products and services that meet real market needs. The big challenge that many organizations will face when doing digital innovation outside of the IT organization is engaging that organization’s help when it is time to scale up and support roll-outs.

We surveyed large companies about the challenges they face in creating connected products and services, as well as the success factors and metrics they are using. The results appear in our research report “Getting Connected Products Right.”

Articles & Case Studies

Albert Vita (right), Director of Store Strategy, Insights, & Visual Merchandising at The Home Depot.

Four Ways Retailers are Combatting Disruption in 2019

At the National Retail Federation's Big Show 2019, attendees discussed how to vie for attention from customers in the age of Amazon and thousands of options at their fingertips.

Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive-in-Charge at ILMxLAB

VR, AR, and Hyper-Reality Star Wars Experiences at Lucasfilm

Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge at Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB, discusses Star Wars, immersive experiences, and bringing people together through story. Watch the video excerpts…

Sunil Gupta

Peloton, Goldman Sachs, and Designing a Digital Strategy

In a recent interview, Harvard Business School professor Sunil Gupta talks about going beyond the buzzword “digital transformation” to design a digital strategy that works.

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner

Innovating in Physical & Digital Realms at Hasbro

In the decade since Hasbro Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner took charge, the company has begun to take a “digital-first” approach to everything it does. Read our three part interview…

Dennis Devine at Cleveland Field Study

Why KeyBank is Investing in Digital Innovation and Acquisitions

KeyBank is one of the biggest in the US, with over 1,100 branches. While investing in its digital relationship with customers, it remains committed to face-to-face interactions.

Debbie Brackeen, CSAA

CSAA Insurance Preps for the Future of Transportation

How does the world of car insurance not only survive, but find opportunities for growth? Debbie Brackeen of CSAA Insurance Group, explains the company's approach...

More in Digital Innovation

Research Report

Connected Products

Getting Connected Products Right

We surveyed companies active in, interested in, or developing connected products. Here’s the downloadable PDF report summarizing what we found.

Audio & Video Resources


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Once you’ve identified some promising technologies, how do you test and deploy them in the real world? To find out, we went to Miami to visit Royal Caribbean.

For Abacus

Inside the Mind of Bob Metcalfe

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Experian Podcast

At Experian, Data is an Innovator’s Best Friend

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Inside Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture

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Podcast Bonus Lyft

Lyft, Tesla & the Future of Mobility

What will the future of mobility look like? We talked to Jon McNeill, COO of Lyft, about what consumers can expect moving forward. Jon also discussed his experience at Tesla.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 7

Innovating the World of Sports

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Podcast Season 1 Episode 5

What's Digital Transformation, Anyway?

What’s the right strategy for making digital transformation? To find out, we interviewed Patrick Bass, the CEO at thyssenkrupp North America, and Marcelo De Santis, formely of Mondelez International and Pirelli. 

Podcast Season 1 Episode 4

(Better) Business Model Innovation

 Can changing your business model make your company an innovation powerhouse? We sit down with Rick Paster of Walmart Global eCommerce and Mark Johnson of Innosight to find out. 


Building MVPs to Get Products to Market Fast

Learn the latest tactics on rapid prototyping and market-testing new digital offerings in this 45-minute webcast, led by Bob Klein of Digital Scientists.


Preparing for the IoT Era

The Internet of Things will impact every department of your company. Northeastern University's Kilton Hopkins discusses the changes coming with IoT and the skills that your organization needs to address them.


Dennis McGrath on How Starbucks Tests New Ideas in the Real World

Dennis McGrath of Starbucks discusses how the company developed a new protocol for testing ideas, when to bring in stakeholders, and building a failure-tolerant culture.


Advice from Manulife Exec Jesse Bean on Delivering Impact

Jesse Bean of Manulife Financial shares his advice about setting up a network of labs, building support among middle management, and the “DevOps” approach.