Innovation Software Showcase

July 10, 2020

Software Showcase 2020 Participants 

  • edison365 (00:05) — The edison365 suite leverages Microsoft Office 365 to deliver the freedom to crowdsource ideas from employees and the method to implement them. With edison365ideas, businesses can identify areas of focus and crowdsource ideas. Then, using edison365projects, businesses can seamlessly execute projects through an intuitive, sleek interface to generate measurable results based on insight from every level of the organization.
  • HYPE (03:55) — HYPE Innovation provides software and services for idea and innovation managers to use the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners. HYPE helps organizations generate additional revenue, become more efficient, and empower people. With HYPE, clients spearhead the digital transformation of their companies.
  • IdeaScale (8:15) — IdeaScale is innovation-management software that links organizations to people with ideas. Those ideas can change the world — not just your business. Find ideas to aid in digital transformation, to face the age of automation, to fight climate change, inequality, and beyond.
  • Ideawake (12:39) — Ideawake provides an easy-to-use innovation platform combined with programs, services, and expertise that supports your innovation program from idea collection to measured results.
  • InnovationCast (16:36) — InnovationCast works with teams to quickly set up all the building blocks they need to make innovation happen: capturing, assessing, testing, developing, and implementing ideas. All supported by their end-to-end digital platform. They also provide services to help you establish all the activities you need to perform technology scouting and trend detection, and search for startups or other partners who can help fuel innovation at your company.
  • Innovation Minds (21:33) — The Innovation Minds Innovation Management Solution gives you a holistic approach to accelerate innovation. Their Integrated Project Management, Visual Collaboration Workspaces, and 360° Assessment join many tools into one and lets seamless integration happen with others. 
  • Planbox (25:31) — Founded in 1999, Planbox is a pioneering provider of AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management software and services. An AI engine mines your data for insights, while your community collaborates to discover, develop, and capitalize on the best ideas from employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Planview (27:17) — Planview Spigit enables industry leaders to activate the collective intelligence of employees, partners, and customers to find the most valuable ideas and make the right decisions. Harness collective intelligence. Uncover remarkable ideas for every part of your business. 
  • Startgrid (31:54) — Startgrid is an innovation platform, helping companies make their external innovation efforts more successful. From tracking business needs, to scouting startups, to discovering the best solutions, Startgrid makes it easy for teams to solve problems, share intelligence, and measure the impact of their efforts on the business.
  • SwitchPitch (34:34) — SwitchPitch is the leading Startup Relationship Management platform for innovation teams at Fortune 1000 companies. From identifying startups to relationship management, SwitchPitch gets innovation teams to ROI outcomes quickly and efficiently.
  • Wazoku (39:43) — Wazoku is a leading provider of AI-enabled idea management and open innovation software and services. Their innovation-management platform enables global organizations to run challenge-driven innovation campaigns at a team- and company-level, internally and/or externally. They have a global crowd of over 400,000 expert solvers whom their clients can also access and a proven framework for driving success, high levels of engagement, and a significant ROI.