We’re your go-to partner for transforming employees into expert innovators, offering an AI-powered end-to-end innovation management platform. LaunchPath provides specialized configurations for nonprofit and for-profit innovation teams, ensuring a tailored approach to reaching your goals and achieving innovation ROI.

With LaunchPath, you can ideate, validate, and evaluate concepts all in one place, leveraging a next-generation tool that’s scalable for teams and enterprises alike. Our highly customizable platform can transform your innovation process from slides and spreadsheets to an interactive and automated lean innovation system. Robust reporting and decision-making tools support the innovation team’s overall approach to portfolio management. And if you have innovation or productivity tools you already love, LaunchPath’s team will design and implement integrations that enlist the capabilities of your existing tech stack (e.g.: Slack, Miro, Sharepoint, Google Workspace). That’s innovation management made easy.

We’re on a mission to liberate the innovation potential of the global workforce. Reach out when you’re ready to join us.

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