Captains of Innovation

Strategic Partner

At Captains of Innovation, we drive venture and idea creation, leveraging the power of proximity to identify and connect diverse partners. Our high-touch services aid disruptive thinking, instill an innovative mindset, develop strategic plans, and deliver high-impact activities. Our team of thinkers and innovation activators foster collaborative and future-focused outcomes.

Captains has experience building, developing, and cultivating innovation ecosystems. We provide expertise in innovation district planning, venture studio creation, strategy consulting, concept development, research, scenario planning, startup sourcing, and ecosystem engagement.

Our partnership with CIC and Venture Café allows us to capitalize on our track record of success in activating physical spaces and building innovation programming. We’ve seen firsthand that proximity and connection are essential for trust and collaboration. We also believe that multidisciplinary thinking fuels creativity, generates new ideas, and creates powerful, engaging environments. These beliefs are the cornerstones of our work.

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