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How Vodafone built a network of innovation champions

Shannon Lucas explains how a small innovation team inside the telecom giant Vodafone has cultivated a global network of 40 innovation champions. Lucas shares details on how the champions are recruited, what they focus on, how they collaborate, and what they are measured on.

Why Delphi planted a new innovation lab in Silicon Valley

Delphi Labs director John Absmeier explains how the automotive components giant is partnering, investing, and plugging into the Silicon Valley ecosystem — and hoping some of the "experiment-and-fail-fast" culture rubs gets absorbed by HQ.

12 slide presentations from big company innovation execs

These dozen slide presentations offer insights into innovation strategy at organizations like NASA, Alaska Airlines, Nike, and Clorox. At left is an image from Bennett Blank's presentation on rapid experimentation at Intuit.

Chubb global innovation VP: ‘Stop the innovation carnival’

At too many companies, employees interact with the innovation team during sporadic "Innovation Days," idea challenges, or off-site meetings. Chubb global innovation VP Gerry Myers explains how the insurer created a "social layer" for innovation and collaboration, to help weave innovation into employees' daily activity. Includes slides.

Exclusive compensation survey: How innovation execs are paid

What's the average salary for a VP Innovation? What about Directors or Catalysts? Does company size or reporting structure impact pay? Find out in our first-ever compensation survey of innovation leaders, complete with salaries, bonuses, and performance metrics. For Premium subscribers only.

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