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Why diverse thinking is essential to innovation

Mike Duke, Chief Innovation Architect at Wells Fargo, contends that "diversity of thought is critical. If you have the same minds in the room, you’ll get the same ideas." Here's his breakdown of the personality types you need to get involved with your projects...

GameStop: How their new Technology Institute is inventing the future of retail
UnitedHealth: Setting up a new lab to explore big data's potential in healthcare
Sargento: Lessons from the launch of the cheese company's latest hit product
More Tactics: The latest innovation practices from Intuit, Google, Intel, GE, and others.

Oct. 22-23: Upgrade your innovation program

Our next Field Study takes you inside corporate innovation labs and startup spaces in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It happens Oct. 22 and 23, with speakers from Vodafone, Starbucks, Panasonic, Autodesk, and Intuit. Limited to 40 participants. Click here for details or to register!


October 9th live call with Marriott's Global Brand Officer

Next Call: Our next edition of "Innovation Leader Live," our regular call-in show with innovation executives, will take place Oct. 9 at 2 p.m. EST, featuring Brian King, Global Brand Officer at $12 billion Marriott International. Click here to register.
Last Call: If you missed our call with Xerox CTO Sophie Vandebroek, here's the complete audio.


Seven chronic problems for innovation officers to address

On-Demand Webcast: We hosted Kalypso partner Bill Poston, an expert on getting return on innovation investments. In the half-hour Webcast, Bill provided guidance on addressing seven chronic problems that prevent organizations from reaching their innovation potential. Watch here.

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Participate in our benchmarking study

Our 2015 innovation benchmarking study is finally ready! Innovation executives can take the survey online, or contact us with questions. Recent reports:
Working with Startups: What Coca-Cola, others are doing
Compensation study: How innovation execs are paid


Top 10 list: Your fall innovation priorities

New Question: What's high on your priority list for this fall? We asked, and heard about moving faster, filtering better, killing projects, and creating a common language around innovation. You can read the list and add yours here.

Last Question: One of our members in healthcare is seeking recommendations on a robust innovation platform. Have any thoughts? Reply here.

Thought Leadership

Survey: Strategy Confidence Gap

Innosight recently surveyed more than 800 executives to gauge how they assess their ability to anticipate and respond to disruptive change. Among the findings: A vast “strategy confidence gap" exists, especially at large corporations. Download here.


A home for corporate innovators

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