How Roche pursues patient-centric innovation

Roche Holdings' global innovation head offers an inside look at the Swiss pharma giant's innovation function. Includes a downloadable PDF of Roche's "Imaginarium" approach to design thinking and prototyping. More.

GE: CMO Beth Comstock on opening up to innovation
Lockheed: Why they're betting on 3-D printing innovations.
Beech-Nut: How they innovated within a ‘category in decline.'
Audi: Why they're hiring robotic repair advisors
Transamerica: How they migrated from skunkworks to partners

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Talk with Xerox Innovation head

Next Call: Our next edition of "Innovation Leader Live," our regular call-in show with innovation executives, will take place Aug. 5 at 11 a.m. EST, featuring Sophie Vandebroek, who serves both as CTO of Xerox and President of the Xerox Innovation Group. Click here to register.
Last Call: If you missed our call with Ingersoll Rand VP Innovation Michael Wynblatt, the complete audio is available for members.


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Our 2015 innovation benchmarking study is finally ready! Innovation executives can take the survey online, or contact us with questions. Recent reports:

Working With Startups: This 25-page special report explores how Coca-Cola, Time Warner, and others engage startups.
Compensation: Our 2014 survey looks at how innovation executives are incentivized, bonused, and more.

Thought Leadership

How to classify your innovation initiatives

Kalypso recently published some interesting Thought Leadership that looks at how to classify innovation initiatives, and how to assess risks and strike a balance. The document includes examples, and focuses on ROI that's in line with your appetite for risk. Read on.


“Should we quantify innovation impact?”

New Question: A new innovation leader in the utility industry asks for your help: "Should our team aim to quantify the impact we have on revenues, or reducing costs, at our company?" Reply here.

Last Question: A member recently sought data on how idea-flow might change when moving from a "traditional" office to an innovation lab. Weigh in.


Sample innovation scorecard from Trek

Our our last Field Study in Boston, Trek's Director of Bicycle Engineering Chad Manuell provided incredible detail on how is team scores innovation. He even made available a copy of his scorecard, featuring color-coded ratings. Download a copy in our new Resource Center.


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Over the last year, we’ve had some great conversations and meetings with our readers, and we’ve learned some fascinating things. First, you consider yourselves “members” of Innovation Leader, not readers. Wow … who knew? That's yielded some important changes. Read more.