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How Roche pursues patient-centric innovation in pharma

Global Head of Innovation Management Sheila Babnis offers an inside look at how the Swiss pharma giant's innovation function was created and how it operates today, including tight partnerships with business units. "We find that doing innovation within the business, it sticks much better than if it’s done to the business," Babnis says. Includes a downloadable PDF overview of Roche's "Imaginarium" approach to design thinking and prototyping...

Why Lockheed Martin is betting big on large-scale 3D printing

Execs at $45 billion Lockheed Martin are demonstrating that 3D printing isn't just for prototypes — they're already producing parts for real-world projects like NASA's Juno spacecraft, now on its way to Jupiter. Lockheed's Steve Betza lays out the benefits...and shares a video.

How Beech-Nut innovated within a ‘category in decline’

In 2012, Beech-Nut acknowledged that it had a problem. Moms were no longer relying on baby food from the supermarket, and they regarded homemade food as the gold standard. "We realized we needed to completely innovate across the total product offering," says Beech-Nut exec Andy Dahlen. Here's how they did it...

Amazon isn’t kidding about drones; brainstorming advice

Amazon asks the FAA for permission to test delivery drones, Panda Express opens an "innovation kitchen" in Pasadena, advice on effective brainstorming, and more...

Why Audi of America is hiring robotic repair advisors

Audi of America is rolling out telepresence robots at 18 of its highest-volume U.S. dealerships, in an effort to accelerate repairs and improve customer satisfaction. Here's what they're measuring before they roll out the bots more broadly.

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