CSAA Insurance & Fidelity: Building Innovation Muscles for the Long Haul

By Alexander MacDougall |  March 21, 2022

In this video from our Impact Reconnected online event series, Debra Brackeen, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at CSAA Insurance Group, and Mona Vernon of Fidelity Labs discuss:

• Setting innovation teams up for success

• Alignment between strategy and innovation

• How the growth board at CSAA Insurance works

• Using the ‘Three Horizons’ framework

• Getting the talent and budget you need.


“One of the most important roles I feel I have on the innovation side,” Brackeen says, “is making sure you have to invest in the new stuff… If [innovation is] forced to compete with everything that the core business needs, it will never get enough attention.”


Our in-person Impact conference is coming up in May 2022, in Brooklyn, New York.