Healthcare Leaders Discuss the Biggest Trends of 2022

By Nora Swidey |  August 12, 2022

At our most recent event in Boston, we asked several participants to pick a high-impact trend in the healthcare industry this year. Prashant Srivastrava, Partner and Managing Director at Innosight; Caroline Pepek, Director of Innovation at MassBio; and Julia Jackson, Senior Director of Product Innovation at Takeda, shared with us what they perceive to be the most important trends. 


”What [consumers] are doing is bringing in the expectations that they have by interacting with industry leaders like Netflix, Starbucks, [and] Amazon, and bringing those experience expectations into healthcare. They’re demanding more personalized care. They want care to be customized to their access and consumption preferences,” said Srivastrava.


Our attendees had conversations about a wide variety of subjects that affect innovation, strategy, and R&D leaders at the event. See our event photo gallery for more on what happened at our summer unconference. The event was sponsored by our strategic partner Innosight