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A good way to ensure that innovation initiatives don’t endure is to underestimate the need for backing from business unit chiefs and senior leadership. Even when the CEO decrees that she wants more innovation, many constituencies throughout the organization can still withhold the necessary support or resources.

Our coverage of the political and diplomatic issues around innovation seeks to provide advice on getting buy-in — and, when necessary, dealing with nay-sayers.

A good starting point is our research report, “Innovation Teams & Business Units: Allies or Adversaries?"

Fire Alarm

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Ace Moghimi, Former Global Head of Innovation and Digital Strategy, Manulife/John Hancock

Why Innovators Can’t Afford to Ignore Politics & Internal Conflicts

Ace Moghimi, an experienced insurance industry innovator, offers his tips for creating significant change in large organizations.

Gutowski at Innovation Leader's 2017 Teach-In

GE VP: ‘The Way We Sold in the Past Isn’t Going to Work’

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When people around the company say they want "innovation," they likely don't all mean the same thing. Aaron Proietti, a former SVP at Transamerica, offers a translation guide.

Nilofer Merchant on creating a culture of innovation and ideas

Nilofer Merchant: 30% Weird is a Good Target

We sat down with the author and former Apple exec Nilofer Merchant to talk about why corporate cultures can be so hostile to ideas that are a bit off-kilter…


Four Pillars for Winning Business Model Innovation

“The typical three-year corporate innovation cycle…has become all too common,” writes former Nike and Intel executive Rick Waldron. Get advice on escaping that fate.

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