We Can Help You Create Solid Consideration Sets

One thing we’re often asked to do is provide help building out coherent consideration sets of consulting firms, training providers, or software platforms. 

Get Our Input: Alex Slawsby on our team is always happy to hop on a call, hear what problems you are trying to solve, and provide input on firms that you may want to reach out to. We rely on data we continually collect from both vendors and corporates on what leads to successful outcomes. And we regularly talk to the top providers about their capabilities. Contact Alex (alex@innovationleader.com) or schedule a call with him.

Do It Yourself: You can consult our directory of the top providers, or scan through our spreadsheet of sole proprietors. You can also watch replays of past webcasts featuring consulting firms and software providers detailing what they do — or read past issues of our Pointers e-book series. 

We’d gotten three names of vendors from people internally, all of whom we’d worked with before. Your input helped us turn that into a much more rational set of vendors, and we ultimately picked someone we hadn’t heard of, or worked with, before. 

— SVP, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm