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Innovation Strategy & Consulting Services

Cantina Logo


Description: Cantina Consulting is a strategic design and development agency in Boston, MA that helps organizations harness the power of design and technology to create experiences that matter. With expertise in product and service design, experience strategy, mobile and web development, and delivery enablement, Cantina will help you find opportunities for innovation and growth, as well as design, develop, and deliver digital products and services that improve people's lives and enhance the human experience.

Office: 100 Summer Street - Boston, MA


Phone: 1-800-775-2714

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @cantinac

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Clients:  Cantina is a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups in all major industries, collaborating on projects in health and life science, financial services, insurance, retail, sports innovation, AR/VR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Learn more about we design and build innovative solutions for our clients.


Experience Strategy: Define a human-centered strategy that sets you apart and creates a roadmap for success with your customers.

Service Design: Design and implement meaningful digital and physical touch points across your customer journey.

Experience Design: Craft an unforgettable user experience that delivers what your customers want and need.

Customer Research and Insights: Understand your customers through research and insights that empower a better experience.

Brand Strategy and Storytelling: Engage your audience with advanced storytelling, branding, and video production capabilities.

Idea Activation and Prototyping: Bring ideas to life and design what customers need through agile and rapid prototyping.

Innovation Strategy: See the future -- build the next big thing or rapidly evolve to stay ahead of the curve.

Software Engineering: Build your experience with clean code -- at Cantina, we do it all, full stack, front end, back end, you name it, we code it.

Technical Architecture: Design a rock solid technology stack that flexes and scales with your needs.

Mobile and Web: Create an engaging and user-friendly mobile and web experience for your customers.

Internet of Things (IoT): Develop an IoT strategy that makes sense; then build smart connected devices that deliver for your customers.

AR/VR and Mixed Reality: Take advantage of AR/VR and mixed reality to create a better experience and make your product or service stand out.

AI and Machine Learning: Use the power of AI and ML to revolutionize your business and augment the human experience.

Delivery and Enablement: Learn from our team of experts while delivering fast and effectively.

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Doblin Design and Innovation Consulting 

Description: Doblin, a member of Deloitte Consulting LLP, helps companies anticipate and seize new business opportunities. Balancing strategy with exploration, discipline with creativity, and practicality with ambition, we help companies untangle gnarly problems and develop viable solutions with lasting impact.

Office(s): 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112


Phone: (312) 443-0800

Contact:  Connect with Doblin

Twitter: @DoblinGlobal

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Clients:  List of Clients

Expertise : We tackle complex challenges by helping organizations set their innovation strategy, build new businesses, and spur ongoing growth within their company.

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Description: Innosight, the strategy and innovation business of global professional services firm Huron, helps organizations design and create the future, instead of being disrupted by it. The leading authority on disruptive innovation and strategic transformation, the firm collaborates with clients across a range of industries to identify new growth opportunities, build new ventures and capabilities, and accelerate organizational change.

Office(s): HQ in Boston; Singapore, and Switzerland


Phone: (781) 652-7200

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @InnosightTeam

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Clients:  Turner Broadcasting, Walgreens, Aetna, Citi, Medtronic, and many others

Expertise : Future back growth strategy, dual transformation for navigating disruption, business model innovation, innovation capabilities, solutions design

Resources See featured work in HBR, newsletters, and more.

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The Inovo Group 

Description: The Inovo Group is an innovation consulting firm that helps technology-driven companies succeed at strategic innovation. We guide clients as they create surprising and potentially disruptive innovations that use technology for differentiation and competitive advantage. As we work together, clients use our proven innovation process to discover and pursue opportunities, gain new competencies and transform business models, organizations, and cultures.

Office(s): Ann Arbor, Michigan


Phone: (888) 464-6686

Contact: Connect with The Inovo Group

Twitter: @TheInovoGroup

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Clients: Our clients include Cargill, Dow, DuPont, ExxonMobil, IDEX, Lubrizol, Nestle Purina, Parker, UnitedHealth Group, St. Gobain, and many  more

Expertise : Innovation strategy, opportunity creation, and knowledge discovery

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Description: Kalypso is a professional services firm helping clients discover, create and make better products with digital. We provide consulting, digital, technology, business process management and managed services across the innovation value chain. As industry practitioners, our work is hands-on and our knowledge is based in experience - and results. We maintain trusted and strategic relationships with many companies as a key partner in driving their future growth. We are the leaders behind your leaders.

Office(s): Houston, Texas;Los Angeles; Chicago; Boston; Dallas; San Francisco; New York; Cleveland, Ohio; Amsterdam; London; Hamburg

Innovation Centers: Monterrey, Mexico; Hamburg, Germany; Portland, OR; Bucharest, Romania


Phone: 1 (216) 378-4290

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @KalypsoLP

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Clients: By request. We work with some of the largest and most innovative companies in CPG, retail, footwear and apparel, industrial, oil & gas, high tech, medical device and pharmaceutical

Expertise : Consulting: We work with clients to grow the business and improve efficiency with growth strategies and operational improvements. 

Enterprise technology: We work with clients to build the infrastructure for digital and power innovation with core enterprise technologies. 

Digital: We help companies build foundational digital capabilities that fundamentally transform the way they innovate and the products they bring to market. 

Business Process Management & Managed Services: We help clients free up internal resources for more strategic work with a full range of outsources and managed services specialized in digital innovation

Resources Viewpoints, A Kalypso Publication

Moves The Needle Logo

Moves the Needle 

Description: Our mission is to transform organizations to continuously innovate by empowering people to discover and create new value for their customers. Co-founded by Brant Cooper, author of “The Lean Entrepreneur,” Moves the Needle helps ignite entrepreneurial action, empowering employees to discover and create new value.

Office(s): Encinitas, California


Phone: (619) 535-1579

Contact:  Contact Moves the Needle

Twitter: @MovesTheNeedle

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Clients: American Family Insurance, eBay, John Deere, ING, Transamerica, Sprint, City of Hayward, Humana, Providence Health and Services, Cisco, and more

Expertise : Teaching the capabilities, helping build the systems, and developing the leadership skills necessary to transform company culture toward continuous innovation

Resources Lean Innovation Manifesto and Principles 5 Ways to Spark Innovation at Your Organization Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Enterprise Podcast ; Innovation Tools

Nason Group Logo

Nason Group

Description: The Nason Group provides consumer-centered innovation to help you meet people where they are. We help you think about consumer-centered innovation as a lifestyle vs. a job. Our approach contributes to the building of a culture supportive of keeping the consumer at the center of your business. The Nason Group lives by three principles: Know Me, Surprise Me, and Make It Easy! Whether it be a new product, service, solution, or technology – these principles do not change.

  • Know Me: We use tools, methods, and frameworks that help you get to know your consumer, such as ethnographic research, interviews, and focus group.
  • Surprise Me: Once you know your customer and identify ways to make it easy for them, it is time to surprise them! Find those opportunities and teach the ability to surprise everyone in your organization who interacts with your consumers.
  • Make It Easy: Unless you know how the consumer experiences your product or service, you’ll never know how to make it easy for them!

We have one of the best journey mappers with over 25+ years of experience to help you find the places where we can make it easy for your consumers to do business with you.We help you find opportunities to know, surprise, and make it easy for your consumer while building in measurement strategies to prove the value of impact.

Office(s): Cincinnati, Ohio


Phone: (513) 815-0555

Contact:  Contact Nason Group

Twitter: @nasongroup

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Clients: Health Partners Plans (Philadelphia), University of Mississippi Center For Telehealth, State of Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy & Finance

Expertise : Consumer-centered innovation, human-centered design, innovation, business model innovation

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Newry Logo


Description: Newry Corp is dedicated to helping companies grow. Our clients are innovation powerhouses with exceptional capabilities in R&D and product development, seeking a partner who will roll up their sleeves and work shoulder-to-shoulder to identify and pursue exciting new opportunities. We believe that addressing unmet needs is a powerful vector for success, and we are committed to helping our clients find and solve the world’s most important problems.

Office(s): 14725 Detroit Ave., Suite 210 Lakewood, OH 44107


Phone: (440) 808-3839

Email:  Contact Newry

Twitter: @NewryCorp

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Clients: Our clients are leaders in specialty chemicals, advanced materials, industrial products, CPG, medical devices, and other industries.

Expertise : Portfolio development, strategic marketing, innovation process

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PA Consulting Group

Description: We believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world. As strategies, technologies and innovation collide, we create opportunity from complexity. Our diverse teams of experts combine innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies to progress further, faster. Our clients adapt and transform, and together we achieve enduring results.

An innovation and transformation consultancy, we are over 2,800 specialists in consumer, defense and security, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and transport, travel and logistics. We operate globally from offices across the Americas, Europe, the Nordics and the Gulf.

Office(s): Operating from 25 offices across the globe, we combine our in-depth sector insight with world-class capabilities to have a lasting impact.  Find out more.


Phone: 1 (212) 973-5900

Twitter: @PA_Consulting

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Clients: List of Clients

Expertise : We are experts in consumer and manufacturing, defense and security, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, life sciences and transport, travel and logistics. We have deep industry knowledge and skills in management consulting, technology and innovation. That allows us to challenge conventional thinking and deliver exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, governments and communities worldwide.

RTI Logo

RTI Innovation Advisors 

Description: RTI Innovation Advisors provides strategic innovation consulting services, technology and market intelligence and research, and commercialization services to help our clients accelerate their ideas to market. With over 50 years of innovation experience, we have the expertise, global network and capabilities to help any private sector company or government entity improve innovation outcomes. We meet our clients on any step of their innovation journey and help them succeed.

Office(s): 3040 E. Cornwallis Road, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709


Phone: (919) 541-6000

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @RTI_Innovation

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Clients: Clients industries including CPG, Food, Agriculture, Healthcare, Water and Sanitation, Advanced Materials, Chemicals, US government federal agencies (NASA, Department of State, Department of Defense, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as well as foreign governments (Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Philippines, Guatemala), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Expertise : We provide solutions in three areas across your innovation journey:

  1. Strategic innovation – we help our customers align innovation goals to corporate goals, assess strengths and gaps in an innovation culture and define front end processes. We offer consulting services focused on building front end processes and innovation teams, foresight conducting, trend spotting and scenario planning to identify emerging needs and opportunities, defining business model innovation opportunities and human centered design.
  2. Insights and Research – we help our customers find and acquire the best emerging technologies, through technology forecasting, technology landscaping and technology scouting. We offer training on technology intelligence based on our internal methodology and provide additional services around open innovation and partner identification.
  3. Go To Market / Ecosystem – we help our clients identify the best pathways to market for emerging ideas or technologies by connecting them with the innovation ecosystem. We offer R&D portfolio management, opportunity assessment, partner engagement and technology marketing for emerging products or technologies to speed new ideas to market.

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Innovation Software & Tools

addapptation Logo


Description: At addapptation we’ve built turn-key, beautiful and intuitive SaaS tools and solutions on top of to enhance the experience of our users. Our customers love us for improving how they interact with their CRM by building technology to meet their unique needs and workflows.

Office(s): 163 Water St. B3, Exeter, New Hampshire 03833


Phone: 1 (800) 905-0776

Contact:  Email Alex James from addapptation

Twitter: @addapptation

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Expertise: Innovation pipeline management solutions built on top of based on industry best-practices shared by our Fortune 500 partners

Brightidea Logo


Description: With over 2 million users worldwide, and $6+ Billion in customer reported net benefits recorded to date, Brightidea is the #1 Idea Management platform on the market. Engage your employees at scale, collaborate on novel solutions, and foster a culture of innovation within your company. Wherever you’re at in your innovation journey, our platform & people will help you get to the next level.

Office(s): Headquarters 25 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, CA 94111; New York Office 1040 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 18A New York, NY 10018


Phone: 1(415)692-1912

Contact:  Email Brightidea

Twitter: @Brightidea

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Clients: GM, GE, US Bank, Stanley Black and Decker, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Warner Brothers, John Deer, Willis Towers Watson, Western Asset, Bechtel, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, BT, Balck and Veach, Mortensen, Nike, Dow Dupont, Lockheed Martin, Clorox

Expertise: Collect, share, route, screen, evaluate, experiment, incubate, develop, track, and report on the best ideas your organization has to offer, with the most advanced innovation platform available.

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edison365 Logo


Description: The edison365 suite leverages Microsoft Office 365 to deliver the freedom to crowdsource ideas from employees, and the method to implement them. Combining innovative award-winning ideation and Portfolio Management modules, edison365 turns your good ideas into great business solutions. With edison365ideas, businesses can identify areas of focus, and crowdsource ideas from their employees to achieve specific, valuable problem-solving, while giving them a voice and platform to raise their ideas. Then, using edison365projects, the award-winning Microsoft PPM solution, businesses can seamlessly execute projects through an intuitive, sleek interface, to generate measurable results based on insight from every level of the organization.

Office(s): Jubilee House Third Avenue Marlow Bucks SL7 1EY United Kingdom; 11900 NE 1st St Suite 300, Bellevue, WA 98005


Phone: North America +1 (425) 526-3119; UK +44 (1) 628-3213 21

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @edison_365

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Clients: View Full Client List

Expertise : edison365 suite is built on Microsoft Office365 to deliver the freedom to crowdsource ideas from employees, and the method to implement them. Combining innovative award winning ideation and Portfolio Management modules, edison365 turns your good ideas into great business solutions. Use edison365ideas to crowdsource ideas and edison365projects to turn them into visible and actionable plans.

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HYPE Innovation 

Description: HYPE Innovation provides software and services for idea and innovation managers to use the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners. We help organizations to generate additional revenue, become more efficient, and empower and connect people. With HYPE, our clients spearhead the digital transformation of their company.

Office(s): Boulder, Colorado (US Headquarters); Cambridge, Mass.; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Bonn, Germany (European Headquarters); Lyon, France; London, UK


Phone: (303) 466-2766

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @hypeinnovation

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Clients: Toyota, Boeing, Airbus, Nokia, ConocoPhillips, NASA, Mattel, NBA, Staples, UC San Diego, Harley-Davidson, Bayer, Fujitsu, PwC, UNICEF, United Way, BMW, Daimler, Liberty Global, Merck, Technicolor, BASF, Roche, Siemens, Continental, UC Irvine, Saint-Gobain

Expertise : Innovation management, idea management, collaborative innovation management, idea generation, ideation, incubation, innovation culture, open innovation, trends and foresight, concepts and prototyping

Resources Blog Innovation through Design Thinking Exploring the Three Horizons Framework Advancing Strategic Priorities through Crowdsourcing ConocoPhillips Case Study Learn About Innovation Management Innovation Management Webinars



Description: If you are looking for assistance to create or re-imagine your innovation system, you can count on us.

Whether you are more focused on employee innovation or collaborating with external parties, we can help. We'll work together to quickly set up all the building blocks you need to make innovation happen: capturing, assessing, testing, developing and implementing ideas. All supported by our end-to-end, award-winning digital platform.

We also provide services to help you establish all the activities you need to perform technology scouting, trend detection and search for startups or other partners who can help fuel innovation at your company.

Office(s): Lisbon and Porto, Portugal


Phone: +1 (617) 418-4321

Contact:  Email InnovationCast

Twitter: @innovationCast

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Clients: Vodafone, Barilla, Sanofi, VISA, ENI, HRDF, Mobily - Etihad Etisalat, Healthstream, Siemens, AICPA, Otto-Fuchs, Nextplora, Mota-Engil, A2A, Deltatre, HCA, Everis - NTT Data, VdA - Vieira de Almeida, SDL, ANA Airports, Delta

Expertise: In short, with InnovationCast you will...

  • Get stronger ideas, faster (from employees / partners / customers
  • Decide on which ideas to invest in.
  • Test the most promising ideas, without breaking the bank.
  • Take the best ideas to the finish line, to create value.
  • Monitor and analyze your business environment, to find trends, technologies, companies and insights which can trigger more innovation.
  • Engage people and recognise valuable contributions that make a difference.
  • Track progress in real time and always know where your attention is needed.

Resources Read their brochure

Planbox Logo


Description: Founded in 1999, Planbox is a pioneering provider of AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management software and services. An AI engine mines your data for insights while your community collaborates to discover, develop and capitalize on the best ideas from employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Office(s): Planbox Headquarters, 3090 Le Carrefour Blvd #750 Laval, Québec Canada H7T 2J7; Planbox Innovation Center 733 Cathcart Street #200 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 1M6; Planbox Sales Department 111 North Market Street Suite 300 San Jose, California, USA 95113


Phone: North America 1-855-PLANBOX (855-752-6269); International 1-514-788-4703

Contact:  Contact Planbox

Twitter: @planbox

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Clients: Honeywell, Great-West Life, Panama Canal Authority, Philips, Sealed Air, Sun Life Financial, Whirlpool, Willis Towers Watson, Verizon

Expertise : AI-Powered Agile Work Innovation Management Software and Services Solution Provider.

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Wellspring Logo


Description: Wellspring is the world’s leading provider of innovation management software and solutions for both corporations and universities. We help clients succeed in today’s innovation economy by researching technology trends, finding innovation partners, identifying startups, commercializing inventions, and coordinating global R&D and innovation programs. Founded in 2003 as a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University, Wellspring works with more than 500 organizations worldwide to support the continued development of the global Knowledge Supply Chain. For more information, please visit .

Office(s): Chicago, Illinois


Phone: (312) 643-5100

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @WellspringWW

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Clients: Westinghouse, J&J, Dow Dupont, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eli Lilly, Owens Corning, Patagonia, Nike, Sherwin Williams

Expertise : R&D / Technology Management, Tech Scouting, Open Innovation, IP Management

Resources Resource Library and  Blog

Innovation Training and Education

Babson Logo

Babson Executive Education 

Description: Babson College’s mission is to teach entrepreneurial leaders everywhere how to make a real-world impact. Entrepreneurial leaders move teams through change and disruption, navigating through uncertainty and recognizing growth opportunities. Babson Executive Education helps organizations develop entrepreneurial leaders across industries to drive growth and innovation. Our custom programs are co-created learning journeys that offer interactive ways for groups, led by our world-renowned faculty, to develop forward-looking platforms and redesigned business strategies.

Office(s): Wellesley, MA


Phone: (781) 239-4354

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @babson

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Expertise : Design and deliver custom learning and development programs in innovation, entrepreneurial leadership and disruption

Resources Babson Insights, Entrepreneurship

Columbia Logo

Columbia Business School 

Description: At Columbia Business School Executive Education, we understand that creativity breeds innovation. That’s why we offer programs that help you nurture your corporate entrepreneurship, execute your creative strategies, and create a culture of innovation within your organization. Join us at the very center of business for this upcoming program that helps you become the innovator you want to be.

Office(s): Columbia Business School Campus, New York City

Contact:  Anthony Madonna, +1-212-854-6016,  Email

Programs:  Design Your Innovation Blueprint, Leveraging Systematic Inventive Thinking

Program Description: This class helps you learn how to plan, develop, and implement self-sustaining innovation for your organization. This is a handson three-day program that teaches you how to generate creative solutions to problems—solutions that are both novel as well as useful—and helps you develop an action plan for successful innovation planning and execution. Jointly taught by academics and practitioners, each session provides a short conceptual framework followed by an introduction of practical tools and a workshop where the tools can be applied. In addition, on-site coaches will guide you through the program.

Participant Profile: Design Your Innovation Blueprint is designed for mid to upper-level executives who have been charged–formally or informally–with creating a culture of innovation in their organizations and translating it into a sustainable practice that supports the business strategy and translates into quantifiable top-line and bottom-line results.

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Notre Dame Logo

Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business 

Description: Notre Dame’s innovation programs drive organizational growth, create differentiation in the marketplace, break through barriers that stifl e creativity, and build sustained momentum for an exciting future and a better world.

Office(s): Notre Dame, IN

Contact:  Donna Porter, (574) 631-8876,  Email

Programs:  Certified Innovation Mentor Program

Program Description: Our flagship innovation program provides rigorous, in-depth innovation education and application for innovation leaders charged with leading teams through innovation methodologies and tools.

Format: Three separate classroom modules, two intersessions including online content along with application of classroom learning via participation in a team innovation project, and completion of an individual innovation project implemented within the participant’s organization.

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Accelerators & Ecosystem Development

MassChallenge Logo


Description: MassChallenge strengthens the global innovation ecosystem by accelerating high-potential startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world for zero-equity taken.

Office(s): Boston, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; United Kingdom; Switzerland; Israel; Mexico


Phone: (888) 782-7820

Contact:  Email

Twitter: @masschallenge

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Clients: Fidelity, P&G, PepsiCo, GE, General Mills, L’Oreal

Expertise : Early-stage acceleration, corporate innovation, ecosystem activation, mentorship

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Startup Scouting & Evaluation

Startgrid Logo


Description: Startgrid is an innovation platform helping companies make their external innovation efforts more successful. From tracking business needs to scouting startups to discovering the best solutions, Startgrid makes it easy for teams to solve problems, share intelligence and measure the impact of their efforts on the business.

Office(s): 700 Airport Boulevard, Suite 370, Burlingame, CA 94010


Phone: (650) 251-4686

Contact:  Send Mail

Twitter: @startgridco

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Clients: BNY Mellon, Mercer, Mitsubishi, and CenturyLink

Expertise : Scouting, network building, delivering external innovation into organizations, project tracking, pipeline management, reporting and analysis of innovation efforts

Resources : Check out Startgrid’s  blog podcast , and  datasheets .

SwitchPitch Logo


Description: SwitchPitch is the leading Startup Relationship Management platform for innovation teams at Fortune 1000 companies. From identifying startups to relationship management, SwitchPitch gets innovation teams to ROI outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Office(s): Washington, D.C. 94010


Phone: (888)727-9482

Contact:  Email Michael Goldstein from SwitchPitch

Twitter: @SwitchPitch

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Clients: Amazon, Deutsche Telekom, United Technology Corporation

Expertise : Scouting startups, Aligning innovative startups to internal business needs, managing startup relationships. Proof-of-Concept management.

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techstars Logo


Description: Techstars is a worldwide network of 10,000+ corporate, government and academia partners, startups, and investors who accelerate innovation and transform industries. 1,600 + startups have gone through Techstars accelerator programs.  87.4% are active or have been acquired and have a market cap of more than $18 billion. In 2018, Techstars had  44 separate accelerator programs covering six continents and a wide swath of industry verticals. According to  Harvard Business Review , Techstars is considered one of the top two accelerator programs in the world.

Headquarters: 1050 Walnut St. Boulder, Colo. 80502

Other Locations: Seattle; Los Angeles; Denver; Detroit; Munich; Tel Aviv; Minneapolis; Boston; Austin; New York City; Hartford, Conn.; Raleigh, N.C.; Atlanta; Indianapolis; Berlin; London; Paris; Lisbon; Brasil; Mexico; Singapore; Bangalore; Amsterdam; Dubai; Chicago; Kansas City; Montreal; Toronto


Phone: (303) 593-1826

Contact:  Email Techstars

Twitter: @techstars

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Clients: US Airforce, Barclays, The Nature Conservancy, NCAA, Indiana Pacers, Indiana Colts, Target, Amazon (Alexa), Comcast, EPS Maritime, Cargill, EcoLabs, Equinor, SAP.iO,, Sony, Western Union, The Heritage Group, United Healthcare, Stanley Black & Decker, MetLife, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Warner Music Group, Colliers, Rakuten, Air Liquide, Accor Hotels

Expertise : Techstars works with corporate innovation partners to build lasting relationships with our worldwide network of entrepreneurs to help fuel business growth and achieve innovation goals.  Learn how your company can innovate.

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Other Innovation Firms

Bamboo Crowd Logo

Bamboo Crowd 

Description: Bamboo Crowd matches the best Thinkers, Makers & Leaders with the world’s most ambitious companies. We help clients bring innovation to life and are the global leader in Innovation recruitment helping to scale teams and hire executive leaders.

Office(s): New York: 85 Delancey St, New York, NY, 10002 London: 65 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3QQ


Phone: 1 (917) 213-1910

Contact: Email

Twitter: @bamboocrowd

LinkedIn Profile

Clients:  Deloitte, Capgemini Invent, Fahrenheit 212, Idean, EY, Alibaba, Maersk, RGA, Plexal, RocketSpace

Expertise:  Innovation Recruitment, Strategy Recruitment, Design Recruitment, Executive Search, Innovation Team/Lab Builds

Ideo Logo


Description: IDEO is a global design company known for its human-centered, interdisciplinary approach. As early leaders in the practice of design thinking, we create positive impact through design by applying our creative skills and mindsets, and by teaching others to do the same. We help clients and customers around the world build the capacity and outcomes required to navigate today’s complexity and lead their markets.

As problem solvers, we drive change, build new ventures, and design digital and tangible experiences for a broad range of business, social and governmental sectors through co-creation with our clients. As teachers, we help individuals, teams and organizations cultivate the confidence they need to step into the future with optimism and creativity.

Office(s): Cambridge, Massachusetts; Chicago; London; Munich; New York City; Palo Alto, California; San Francisco; Shanghai; Tokyo


Phone: (617) 844-2400

Contact: Email IDEO Partner  Rebecca Hornbuckle

Twitter: @ideo

LinkedIn Profile

Clients:  Ford, IKEA, PillPack, Pacific Life, Zalando, Samsung, Innova Schools, Walgreens, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Intercontinental Hotels Group, City of Boston, Eli Lilly and Company, American Family Insurance, GE Healthcare, University of California San Francisco

Resources:  Blog

Mastercard Logo


Description: Mastercard is a technology company in the global payments industry. Our global payments processing network connects consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities–such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances–easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.

Office(s): 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577


Phone: (914) 249-2000

Twitter: @MastercardNews

LinkedIn Profile

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