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To keep up with an ever-evolving marketplace, innovation professionals and those who oversee the portfolio must strike a balance between the preservation of tried-and-true offerings and the pursuit of novel opportunities.

SmartOrg streamlines portfolio and innovation management, discovering untapped potential and implementing innovative solutions that create long-term success. Our software and services manage the risk inherent in your business by guiding you through the financial uncertainties that drive the business case and by boosting your credibility as a steward of resources.

Our solutions can reveal, navigate, and accelerate new opportunity for your organization. For over 20 years, Fortune 1000 companies have collaborated with us to reduce wasted investment and drive breakthrough growth. Contact us today to get started.

Twitter: @SmartOrginc

Clients: Exxon Mobil, Corteva, Applied Materials, HP, TEVA, Orbotech, Jazz
Pharmaceuticals, Boeing, OSU, 3M, Oura Ring, DuPont, Rogers Corporation, The
Nature Conservancy, Apple

Expertise: Innovation Management, Strategic Portfolio Management, Decision Science

Resources: Innovation Management, Strategic Portfolio Management, Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management, Gift Box Snackables, Strategy, Practitioner’s Guide to Project Evaluation

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