A Beginner’s Guide to Innovation Spaces

By Tyler Smith |  January 25, 2023

In a recent bonus episode of our podcast, Innovation Answered, we shared a 101-level overview of the what, how, and why of innovation spaces, from building them, to what makes a good space, to the debate over in-person spaces vs. virtual ones.

This PDF distills some of the highlights of advice from our interviewees: Michelle Cohen, Director of the Innovation and Acceleration Lab at CME Group; Michael Cross, Vice President of KeyString Labs at Entergy; and Andy Miller, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Product Development at AARP.

You’ll learn their definitions of an innovation space, learn about common mistakes, and get their best advice.

“You need people that want to fill up the water in the coffeemaker, that want to clean things up, [and] treat it like their space,” Cross said. “You want people to take a lot of pride in the space.”

Download the PDF below.

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