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In this series of live 45-minute sessions, innovation leaders have the opportunity to present their “front burner” issues and questions to experts from the world’s top consulting and design firms. It’s an opportunity to watch how they tackle a challenge, vote live on other issues you’d like to see them address — and share how you’d approach it as part of a live Zoom meeting.

You can sign up to participate below, and if you’d like, submit a question that you’d like to see tackled. (Please note if you’d like to remain anonymous.) Participation is limited to current corporate innovation, strategy, and R&D professionals only. If you’re having trouble seeing the form below, you may also register here.

Our next episode with IDEO takes place Friday, May 29th at 12:00 PM ET , and features Owen Rogers, Melanie Bell-Mayeda, and Carl Fudge of the global design company.