Understanding the Mindsets of Knowers & Learners

August 13, 2020

Knowers make decisions based on intuition. Meanwhile, learners run experiments to better understand their situation. How do you approach decision making? 

In this workshop, Dan Seewald explains the importance of deploying the learner mindset in the innovation process. Seewald is the founder of Deliberate Innovation, an innovation consulting firm. He is also the former Head of Innovation at the biopharmaceutical company Pfizer. 

Seewald’s workshop, part of our Professional Development Series, explores psychology and case studies that demonstrate different mindsets. He also runs interactive games so attendees can play along at home.

To open the session, Seewald discusses the importance of prediction. According to Seewald, corporate innovators must constantly make predictions — on new products, services, and consumer behavior. That process can be difficult, especially during times of uncertainty. However, making predictions, then running experiments, has benefits for teams. 

“Making predictions primes the learning process in multiple ways,” says Seewald. “It helps you to faster make connections to new information. It sparks your general curiosity and motivation to find out the answer.”

Watch the full video for more.