MIT Executive Shares How Artificial Intelligence Could Evolve and Change Businesses

By Hadley Thompson |  June 27, 2023

At our recent event, Leveraging AI in Business, Tim Miano, Executive Director of MIT’s Office of Innovation, spoke about artificial intelligence, the impacts it could have on varying fields, and how leaders should brace themselves for the rapid pace of change with the evolving technologies.

He stressed the importance of building a solid team to work on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, regardless of what field or industry an organization works in.

“The number one thing for the next 24 months… is that top talent is what matters teams are what matter. What you need to be able to have is groups of people that are willing to be conversant with technology, learn to get really good at them, and surf all of these changes over the next 24 months,” Miano said. “Everybody else is also going after these spaces… but 24 months from now, if you have a really solid team, you have a really good group of people that wants to work hard on this stuff, that’s going to be valuable.”

Watch Miano’s full presentation above, and download the slides below.

Video shot and edited by Pablo Minier, Longwood Media.

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