October 11th: Innovation Metrics: What You Measure is What You Get


Innovation is the heartbeat of all successful organizations – it drives growth and ignites the transformation that is essential for organizations to survive, much less to continually lead. Innovation requires the investment of scarce people and money, however, so leaders are always interested to understand: Are we getting an acceptable return on our investments in innovation?

On October 11 at 1pm ET, Simon Hill, CEO of Wazoku, Stuart Laws, Assistant Head in the UK’s Defence Innovation Directorate, and Scott Kirsner, CEO of InnoLead, will discuss what people are currently getting wrong when it comes to innovation metrics, how to put it right (including how best to answer that thorny ROI question), and why innovation data you can trust is so critical in today’s dynamic business environment.

In this Master Class, you’ll learn:

  • The common pitfalls and misconceptions surrounding innovation metrics, and why these keep organizations from achieving their innovation goals
  • Why optimizing your innovation metrics requires a mix of art and science
  • How to align your innovation metrics to your strategic goals, leveraging data-driven insights to steer your innovation efforts in the right direction, even against the backdrop of constant change.

Speaker Bios

Simon Hill is a co-founder of Wazoku, an enterprise solution for idea management and open innovation, used by global businesses, governments, public sector organizations, and charities. Since 2020, Wazoku has made four acquisitions, including the purchase of the InnoCentive, a pioneer in open innovation, which is now integrated with Wazoku, creating a unique innovation at scale offering.

Stuart Laws is an Assistant Head in the Defence Innovation Directorate, principally responsible for the delivery of Cross Sector Innovation challenges, and lead for the Ideas Management for Defence Strategy. Having joined the MOD in 1990, he has enjoyed a varied career to date and since moving to a Head Office based role in 2005, has been involved with key improvement and engagement programmes and initiatives.

With knowledge and experience of Joint Service Publication editing, designing, and delivering ICT projects, programme delivery and engagement activity, Stuart has a unique combination of knowledge and experience which he uses to help others deliver projects in support of Defence Innovation.

Outside of Defence, Stuart is the founding Director of Idea Shadow Coaching Ltd, specialising in Innovation executive coaching and consultancy. Stuart is the Chairperson of ideasUK, a not for profit, Community Interest Company working with organisations worldwide to recognise and realise the benefits of an idea management focused approach


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