Programs That Connect Corporates With Startups

By Steven Melendez |  October 18, 2016

Several InnoLead members have inquired recently about programs that serve as an interface between large companies and the startup ecosystem — facilitating introductions, creating mechanisms for investment, or organizing events that bring the two worlds together.

Our comparison chart is below. Their offerings and pricing can vary widely. If there are other organizations you think should be added, drop us an e-mail or add a comment below.

Name Headquarters Participants Pricing Description
D-RAFT Warsaw, Poland Mastercard; Ghelamco; ING; Orbis; Cushman & Wakefield; Bank Polski; Microsoft Corporate Club annual membership at 15,000 Euros Hosts Corporate Club, which gives members access to corporate roundtable discussions, startup demo days, and updates on the startup ecosystem; offers startup searches to identify the best startups for collaboration, and assists with trials and pilots.
Founders Intelligence London SilverLake; L’Oreal; Visa; Tesco; DMGT; Endemol Shine Group Dependent on particular client circumstances Offers training and consulting for corporations looking to develop innovation and startup collaboration programs; connects corporations with relevant startups; manages internal innovation initiatives and partnerships with startups.
MassChallenge Boston Jamestown; Fidelity Investments; Boeing; Microsoft; John Hancock; PepsiCo; CVS Health; PTC; Pfizer; IBM Annual sponsorships typically ranging from $100,000 to $500,000 Organizes roundtables with corporations and startups; connects corporations with curated startups for potential mentorship, supply chain partnerships, or investment relationships; lets corporate sponsors participate in judging, awards ceremonies, and other aspects of an accelerator program that takes place in the U.S., U.K., Israel, Mexico, and other countries.
Plug and Play Tech Center Sunnyvale, Calif. Daimler; Panasonic; Bosch; Johnson & Johnson; Deutsche Bank; Mars; Munich Re; JetBlue Annual memberships starting at $100,000 Connects corporations with startups for demo and pitch sessions; organizes accelerator program with corporate partners and startups they help select; conducts corporate networking sessions to share best practices.
RocketSpace San Francisco, Calif. JetBlue Technology Ventures; Michelin; Pfizer; Schneider Electric; Tata Communications Hourly consulting agreements starting at $50,000; typically in $100,000+ range depending on needs and duration Consults with corporate teams to analyze needs and how startups can fill them; locates small set of relevant startups and arranges demo day sessions to expose them to corporate leaders.
Singularity University Mountain View, Calif. BBVA; Deloitte; Latham Watkins; Li&Fung; Royal Bank of Scotland; Telefonica; Walmart; NBC Dependent on particular client circumstances Offers workshops for corporate leaders to study the future of various industries while engaging in ideation, prototyping, and open innovation; provides tech strategy consulting to explore startups and innovation in corporation’s area of focus; conducts themed accelerators where corporate teams work alongside startups working in areas of interest.
TechSquare Labs Atlanta, Ga. Not Available Annual memberships at $30,000, with additional services available at extra cost Connects corporations with startups for collaboration and partnerships; consults with corporations to develop innovation strategies, open innovation challenges and innovation centers.
TechStars Boulder, Colo. Barclays; Cox Enterprise Group; Target; Metro Group; Nike; Disney Dependent on particular circumstances Works with corporations to sponsor and provide space for startup accelerators. Corporations mentor participants, make investments, and build long-term relationships and collaboration opportunities with startups.

(Source: The organizations themselves.)