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  • How to Create the Foundation for a Corporate VC Program

  • Drones, Self-Driving Cars & the Silicon Valley Problem

  • Innovation Insights from Our 2019 Impact Main Stage

  • How Haskell Uses VR to Keep Construction Sites Safe

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Most large companies know they can get better when it comes to spotting emerging trends, integrating new technologies, and responding to changes in customer behaviors. But even when they do see these changes happening around them, they often lack the mechanisms to act quickly enough.

Our coverage of scouting defines several key activities, like aligning scouting activity with corporate strategy; operating the “radar system”; communicating what you see to the rest of the organization; running pilot tests and experiments; and helping the business deploy and scale the experiments that work.A good place to start is with our report “Best Practices: Scouting Trends and Emerging Tech.”


Expedia Exec: Three Elements for Successful Innovation

David Krieger, Sr. Director of Strategy and Business Development for, shares his advice on making innovation happen inside large organizations, and three trends his team is watching. 

Day 01- Drone Show 01

Inside Intel’s New VC Strategy: Fewer, Bigger Bets

Intel Capital has put over $12 billion into 1,500 startups since it was founded in 1991. Mark Rostick offers explains how it has endured.


Five Corporate Innovation Tips to Kick Off August

Looking for the advice to kick start your month? Check out five takeaways from our July coverage of corporate innovation…


How Brands Adapt to Disruption in Retail

Thought leaders with experience at Amazon, Ahold Delhaize, Roche Brothers, and L.L. Bean share industry trends discussed at Revolution Retail, a food retail pop-up.

Bharat Rajaram

Aflac Exec on Growing a Venture Capital Fund

Bharat Rajaram of Aflac discusses how the company grew its corporate venture fund in a year and the role of Aflac Venture Labs. Get advice here…


Inside AXA Next’s Innovation Avenues

AXA Next unites the French insurance company’s innovation initiatives. Learn more about AXA’s different innovation funds and how the company explores the insurtech.

Research Report


Scouting Trends & Emerging Tech

How do large companies scout the trends and technologies that will be most relevant to their future success? Ourreport collects advice from executives...