Scouting Trends & Tech

  • How Carmaker BMW is Developing Strategy for Blockchain, AI, and the Metaverse

  • Inside MetLife’s Relationships with VCs and the Startup Ecosystem

  • How Software-Maker PTC Prototypes the Future of AR and VR

  • How Pharma Distributor AmerisourceBergen Prioritizes and Pilots Emerging Tech

  • Is Augmented Reality the Next Disruptive Technology?

Most large companies know they can get better when it comes to spotting emerging trends, integrating new technologies, and responding to changes in customer behaviors. But even when they do see these changes happening around them, they often lack the mechanisms to act quickly enough.

Our coverage of scouting defines several key activities, like aligning scouting activity with corporate strategy; operating the “radar system”; communicating what you see to the rest of the organization; running pilot tests and experiments; and helping the business deploy and scale the experiments that work. A good place to start is with our report “Best Practices: Scouting Trends and Emerging Tech.”


How the NHL’s Florida Panthers are Using Data More Strategically

COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of entire industries, changing everything from where we work to how we watch sports. NHL Florida Panthers’ Chief Strategy Officer is leading the organization’s transformation with data-centered marketing and creative strategies to build a larger fan base.


What’s Changing in the Wine Business? Gallo’s Innovation Director Explains

Michele Sandoval, Director of Innovation at the winemaker E. & J. Gallo, says the past 18 months have been an interesting time for the wine and spirits industry, with consumers spending less time at social gatherings and in restaurants, more time at home, and unable to visit some of Gallo’s vineyards for in-person tastings of its higher-end brands. We pose five questions to Sandoval about her role and how the California company is staying ahead of recent trends in wine and spirits.

Suning Retail Cloud, Suning’s rural retailer has opened 9,000 stores nationwide

How Chinese Retailer Suning Group is Deploying AI and Other New Tech

Melody Jia, General Manager of Chinese retailer Suning International, shares shifts she’s seen with pandemic-era shoppers and how her team meets their needs. 

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Inside athenahealth’s Interactive Telehealth Dashboard

athenahealth’s Vice President of Research and Editorial Strategy shares why her team created an interactive telehealth dashboard that helps to collect and analyze consumer insights…


PepsiCo’s Demand Accelerator Takes Consumer Insights to Next Level

The Global SVP and Head of PepsioCo’s  Demand Accelerator program discussed the efficacy of the Demand Accelerator, the specific data PepsiCo uses, consumer trends in the food and beverage industry, and more.


Pursuing Four Sustainability Goals at Russia’s Biggest Grocery Retailer

With 17,000 stores across Russia, X5 is the largest retailer of food and groceries in the country. Find out how the company is addressing sustainability. 

Research Report - Scouting Trends


Scouting Trends & Emerging Tech

How do large companies scout the trends and technologies that will be most relevant to their future success? Our report collects advice from executives...

Research Report - Delivering Value


Delivering Value Through Emerging Tech & Innovation

The emerging tech landscape is perenially noisy — and overhyped. Companies first need to develop a clear set of problems they are trying to solve, or experiences they are trying to create, for internal or external customers. This report collects advice from 200-plus corporate professionals, along with senior leaders at Best Buy, Fidelity Investments, AmerisourceBergen, iRobot, MetLife, and other large organizations.