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Open innovation and co-creation involve spurring collaborations with customers, suppliers, independent scientists or inventors, etc. These approaches typically work best when:

  • You have a specific goal or in mind.
  • They are well-promoted, with the help of outside partners.
  • They are sustained over a period of years, not months.
  • There are tangible economic benefits to partners who choose to work with you.

A good place to start is with our research report, "Best Practices: Co-Creation & Ecosystem Development."


Co-Creation & Ecosystem Development

Get data from 275 innovation professionals on co-creation and ecosystem development.

Participants at CHILL

How Cisco Brings Multiple Companies Together to Innovate

Cisco executive Kate O’Keeffe explains the format of the company’s 48-hour “living lab” program, which brings together multiple companies to explore opportunities.

All birds

Innovation and Blurring Sectors: Where Will You Blur the Lines?

Contributing columnist Lindsay Angelo says we'll see more sectors colliding in 2019 to create something bigger and more impactful than each could do on its own.


How Platform is Changing What it Means to be a Mall

Despite the dire forecasts in the retial industry, Joseph Miller and his partner, David Fishbein, set out in 2013 to create something that was anything but mall-like.

Nestlé Global Innovation Director Gerardo Mazzeo at a 2016 networking event in London.

Three Tips on Better Stakeholder Engagement at Nestlé

According to the director of Nestlé's open innovation initiative, three strategies were crucial when engaging stakeholders and making the new initiative a success. Gerardo Mazzeo explains...

Bayer Slide

Cultivating an Ecosystem of Consumer Health Startups at Bayer

Over a century after patenting Aspirin, Bayer is investing in ecosystem engagement initiatives to discover partnerships with players and startups outside its walls.

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Research Report


Co-Creation & Ecosystem Development

Get data from 275 innovation professionals on co-creation and ecosystem development.

Audio & Video Resources


Finding Your Innovation Allies

How can you find innovation allies? We pull insights from our recent Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020 Report, and head over to the Bose headquarters to find out…


What NASA has Learned about the Power of the Crowd

Crowdsourcing can help your team discover new ideas. Steve Rader of NASA’s Johnson Space Center will discuss his experience with harnessing the power of the crowd. 


Advice on Ecosystem Development & Co-Creation

Andy Michuda of Sopheon, Shannon Lucas of Ericsson, and Michael Britt of Southern company explore best practices for ecosystem development. Get advice here…

096_35342_Haskell (1)

Partnerships at Bayer’s Innovation Center

Dr. Chris Haskell discusses how Bayer partners with startups, academic institutions, and other corporates at the company’s Innovation center.

Allegion Live Call

Finding the Right Mix of Internal and External Innovation

Rob Martens of security company, Allegion, discussed how his team uses venture capital to balance internal and external innovation. Elliot Parker of venture firm High Alpha also shared his experience.

Kate O'Keefe

Kate O’Keefe on Building an Innovation Bootcamp with Impact

In our "Building Idea Challenges that Work" conference call, Kate O'Keeffe, founder of Cisco's Hyper Innovation Living Lab (CHILL), shares how she built a 48-hour bootcamp with impact.

Pano Anthos Live Call

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Engage with Accelerators

 Pano Anthos, managing partner of New York-based retail accelerator XRC Labs, shares best practices for working with accelerators.


Successful Collaboration and Partnerships with Outside Teams

Bob Klein from Digital Scientists explains how to partner with outside teams, including four types of partnerships: startup collaborations, staff augmentations, teams for hire, and collaborative teams.

Gwen Nguyen

How Big Companies are Using Indiegogo Enterprise

Indiegogo Enterprise allows brands to test products with consumers and get their feedback on the experience. Watch this video for more.


Best Practices for Scouting Trends and Emerging Technologies

Innovation Leader's Scott Kirsner and Kyle Nel, the former Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs, discuss best practices for scouting trends and emerging technologies. 

David Lee, VP of Innovation at UPS.

David Lee on Bringing New Innovation Programs to UPS

David Lee, UPS's Vice President of Innovation, oversees UPS' corporate investing arm, the Strategic Enterprise Fund. Lee discusses the initiative in this call...

Rick Rundell Autodesk Video

Autodesk's Rick Rundell on Getting an Innovation Program Started

Autodesk Technology & Innovation Strategist Rick Rundell talks about starting an innovation initiative at the software company.

Karim Lakhani

HBS’s Karim Lakhani on Overcoming Resistance to Crowdsourcing

Karim Lakhani of Harvard Business School discusses why people resist crowdsourcing and if teams should run competitions on their crowdsourcing platforms.