Wells Fargo Exec with Five Principles of Rapid Prototyping

By Kaitlin Milliken |  December 28, 2017

Robin Beers is Head of the Customer Experience and Insight Teams for Wells Fargo’s business-to-business side. In this video, she explains the five principles of rapid prototyping, including “show, don’t tell,” “get customer feedback,” and “document your decisions.” At Wells Fargo, Beers says the goal is the goal to build prototypes so quickly that, after just 90 minutes, they can be shown to customers to get initial feedback.


“It’s important to include customers throughout,” Beers says, “and to know that you’re trying to extract as much feedback and learning from them as possible… When you bring customers into rapid prototyping, you’re trying to say, ‘How are they experiencing this prototype? Where are they getting confused? What do we need to change? Can we change it right here on the fly?’ You’re iterating as many times as possible…”