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  • What NASA has Learned about the Power of the Crowd

  • Chick-fil-A’s Hatch Innovation Center & the Future of Fast-Food

  • How a Network of Innovators Impacted the Culture at Pfizer

  • Kate O’Keefe on Building an Innovation Bootcamp with Impact

A central element of many innovation efforts is giving employees throughout the organization a way to participate. That can involve: Idea challenges or competitions; training programs; innovation “champion” networks; Hackathons or regular “demo days” for employee projects; or promoting innovation techniques or initiatives through various communication channels.

At the outset, the objective is often to drum up enthusiasm around innovation, or “change the culture” at an organization. But to endure over time, they must be seen as developing a new generation of leadership at the company, building useful skills, or helping to cultivate cost-saving or revenue-generating ideas.

Articles & Case Studies

Leo Chan, Senior Innovation Lead, Chick-fil-A

How We’re Building a Culture That Supports Innovation at Chick-fil-A

Imagine if your team joined the world’s most innovative companies like Apple, Netflix, or Amazon. It’s possible, writes columnist Leo Chan, but only with the right culture.

Volocopter and Car2Go at the grand opening of Lab1886's Atlanta location. © Daimler AG

How Daimler’s Lab1886 Develops and Rolls Out New Businesses

Susanne Hahn, Director of Lab1886 Global shares how the company inspires and supports its employees to innovate, and why they chose Atlanta for Lab1886’s newest addition.


How to Build a Winning Business Case for Innovation Management

Ludwig Melik from our strategic partner, Planbox, focuses on how to manage the innovation pipeline and pitch innovation to the C-suite. 


Hasbro CEO on Idea Generation & How Innovation is Structured

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner shares how the company navigates the changing retail landscape; how they managing Wall Street’s expectations; and more. Part two of three…

Hugh Molotsi

Exclusive Book Excerpt: ‘The Intrapreneur’s Journey’

“Giving employees time and freedom to work on their own ideas makes great business sense,” write Hugh Molotsi and Jeff Zias in the forthcoming book “The Intrapreneur’s Journey.” 

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