5 Generative AI Reports Worth Reading — May 2023

By Scott Kirsner |  May 29, 2023

How do you get more informed about what’s happening in generative AI — quick? This is such a fast-moving space that it’s important to have recent information and data.

Image from “The Supernova of Generative AI,” by Stable Diffusion.
  1. “The Supernova of Generative AI: What’s Next?” — BCG BrightHouse website (April 2023)
  2. “The Age of Creative AI: How to Innovate in a Post-ChatGPT World.” — Board of Innovation PDF report (April 2023)
  3. “Generative AI is All the Rage.” — PDF report and website from Deloitte (April 2023)
  4. “Executives expect generative AI to have enormous impact on business, but unprepared for immediate adoption.” — KPMG survey of 225 executives (March 2023)
  5. “The CEO’s Guide to the Generative AI Revolution.” — BCG website (March 2023)

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