What Software Do You Use for Managing Ideas?

December 14, 2018

In a recent Q&A email, a member of the InnoLead community asked the following question:

“What software do you use for managing ideas — specifically, dealing with an idea backlog? Why did you choose this software?”

Below are a few of the best responses — but we invite you to post your answer in the comments below. Looking to compare more software options? Check out our comparison chart of innovation software providers. Also, see our Directory of Firms, which highlights InnoLead’s Strategic Partners.

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Advice from Respondents

Respondent in Apparel Retail
We use BrightIdea:

    • Great price/business model
    • Nice platform
    • Easy to manage back-end
    • Good analytics

Respondent in Retail
Funnelytics is my go to app. It [has] a dynamic layout, and allows you to create numerous amounts of funnels in many different creative ways, in many different niches, or avenues your company is looking to pursue. It is the heart, lung, kidneys, and brain of the operation. Whatever funnel ideas I have in my head, I can instantly apply it to the dynamic whiteboard.

Respondent in Manufacturing
We use Innovation Engineering by Eureka!Ranch. We chose this software because of their excellent Innovation Engineering training program, and now have certified nearly 30 Blue Belts, one Black Belt and have two additional Black Belt candidates in process of certification.

Respondent at EY,the professional services firm
We are using EY CogniStreamer v4 (CS4) for our idea management. We use it because:

    • It has advanced functionality for managing ideation – including the review AND enhancement stages of tackling an idea
    • Single sign-on for the entire organization (all 280K EY employees) not a seat-by-seat license
    • We have over 50 internal innovation teams and the CS4 platform enables us/them to run ideation challenges both within their business units as well as on a cross-business-unit basis
    • CogniStreamer is a subsidiary of our company, so it makes strategic sense to use our own product
    • It has consistently been ranked highly by Forrester and Gartner in the ideation management software arena (See the graphic below)

Other Platforms Mentioned Included: