Are You Developing a Strategy for Amazon Alexa?

April 27, 2018

In a recent Q&A email, a member of the InnoLead community asked the following question: 

“Are you developing a strategy for Amazon Alexa? Who’s involved? If you’ve already created a skill for Alexa, what vendor did you use to do it? (Or did you use an internal capability?)”

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Advice from Respondents

All respondents say they’re either experimenting with, or launching, solutions with Amazon Alexa.

Respondent in Manufacturing
“We’ve been working on a number of integrations with the Alexa Voice service and developed our own Alexa Skill. Since these are currently prototypes, we worked on this in-house so that we would better understand the methods and processes connected with the Voice service and Amazon Web Services.” He adds, “We have found it pretty interesting, but some of the recent AWS changes have made things more complicated—leading us to wonder about the AWS strategy.”

Respondents in Technology
“I’ve built some skills,” says an employee of a tech company. “Amazon has made it incredibly easy. You can do it with AWS Lambda in minutes…” Another tech sector respondent writes, “Their development environment is awesome. I dove in a while back, and went from zero to having a simple skill in 30 minutes.”

Two members said that they had integrated Amazon Amazon Alexa through VoiceXP. According to its website, VoiceXP allows small-to-enterprise businesses to create Alexa Skills in “under 5 minutes.”

Respondent at Boston Children’s Hospital
“We wrote the first health care skill for Amazon Alexa as part of our digital health R&D initiative, now part of a comprehensive voice in health strategy. We’re bullish on voice in health care. See our site:

Respondent at TechStars
Lastly, an employee of TechStars points out that the accelerator network is running the Alexa Accelerator.