Navigating Priority Changes: C-Suite Zoom

July 23, 2020

Exercise Length: 15 minutes


This exercise from our “Navigating Priority Changes at Your Company” workshop describes how to create a stronger connection to your senior leadership. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation from session leader Brant Cooper. 


First, think about a leader at your organization. Learn about their state of mind. Where do they come from? What business challenges keep them up at night? How do they personally view innovation? 


Then, think about how that person thinks about driving growth at the company. From their perspective, how can innovation create impact in the near term and grow the business? What are multi-year projects that might interest them? What metrics do they care about? These questions target getting your leader to buy-in. 


Lastly, decide who on the senior team can you get involved in this innovation project. Who in leadership is already dedicated to innovation at the organization?