Foundations: A Five-Day Email Program for Getting Corporate Innovation Started

You can sign up below for Innovation Leader’s five-day email program, which we call “Foundations.”

Who’s it for? Anyone who has responsibility for “making new stuff happen” in a large organization. It’s most useful if you’re in the early stages of putting together a team and strategy, drawing up blueprints, and working to get the right people involved. (Say, the first one or two years of an effort.) Each email you get includes a question to think about, or a quick exercise you can do.

Our promise:

  1. Each of the five emails you get in this series will take five minutes or less to read or watch.
  2. They’ll give you a better understanding — and help you deal with — many of the challenges and issues you’re grappling with.

But we can’t help if you don’t open them. (Make sure you add “” to your safe senders list. Here’s how.) Five days, five minutes each. We’re talking 25 minutes in total.

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