Strategic Partner

Newlab is a climate and deep tech venture platform with a place-based approach. We mobilize startups, industry leaders, governments, and investors to accelerate tangible progress against the world’s most pressing challenges in energy, mobility, and materials.

For nearly a decade, Newlab has been at the forefront of innovation, bringing together the most pioneering corporations, promising startups, and motivated governments to drive business outcomes and meaningfully commercialize disruptive technologies. We have successfully launched over 100 pilots with over 60 industry and government partners, ensuring that each pilot is designed with intention to create progress.

We spend an average of 6 months working shoulder-to-shoulder with each piloting startup, fast-tracking the startup investment and acquisition process for our partners. Newlab can unequivocally define tech solution requirements because we’ve tested them in the real world, enabling our corporate and government partners to implement tech successfully and at scale.

Partnering with Newlab means accessing a network that drives innovation, provides deep insights, and delivers measurable results for leading organizations.

Sample Clients


Expanding Multi-Modal Logistics to Drive Supply Chain Resilience

Scaling Novel Energy Storage Through Cross-Sector Partnerships

Partnering with Verizon to Support Next-Generation Industry Applications of 5G

Pilot Showcase 2024 Recap